Athletic Club "Torpedo".. (1972)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Grigorev I.

Script writers: Babich R.

Operators: Dobronickiy V.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.

Text writers: Galinskiy A.


The story of gym work, "Torpedo" Moscow Likhachev automobile plant.

Life and leisure | Sport

Social life

Reel №1

Fans in the stands of the stadium.

Runners on the tracks.

High jump.

Tug of war.

Those fans.

Alternation: long jump from their seats, push-ups from the bench.

Tug of war.

Moscow Automobile Plant named I.A.Lihacheva.

People come out of the underpass.

Factory floor, the wheels of trucks on the assembly line.

Work goes on a new truck.

Plant equipment.

Workers doing gymnastics at the break.

Parking new trucks.

Panorama stadium.

Factory workers in the stands.

Athletes raise the bar.

Long jump from the takeoff.

Runners at the finish.

In the stands, people with stopwatches in their hands.

Two barrier Jan Berdinsh.

The field is an athlete.


Berdinsh rises to the podium.

Awarding athlete.

The repairman Ya.

Berdinsh machines at work.

Competitions on the run hurdles.

Athletes at the finish.

Barriers on the track.


Berdinsh in training.

Athletes preparing for the race.

Low start.

Athletes at a distance.


Running Ya.


Participants cycling.

Long jump.

Training of young boxers.

Olga and Lena, the candidates for the Olympic team.

Swimmers train in the pool. O.Makarova. E.Timoshenko.

Girls floating on the track.

Coach with stopwatch in hand.

Athletes restore breathing.

Alternation: a stopwatch to the wall, the training of athletes.

Coach on the platform under an umbrella.

In the pool water pounding raindrops.

The spectators in the stands.

Athletes preparing for the performance.

The starting shot.

Competition in the 200 m freestyle.

Those fans.

Athletes coming to the finish.

E.Timoshenko. O.Makarova.

Awards Ceremony.

Athletes get off the bus.

Participants XX Olympic rises on the plane and waving mourners.

The game of water polo.

Training fighters.

The high jump pole vault.



Reel №2

All agreed penalty.

The spectators in the stands.

Football game.

Children stand at the fence of the stadium.

Alternation: a children's football team faces of the audience.

The selection of children's team.

Shots sports news: Cup in the hands of the winner.

Athletes Team "Torpedo".

Athletes run on the field with the cup.

Fragments of the game "Torpedo" - "Spartacus".

Penalties goalkeepers.

Jubilant athletes "Torpedo".

Man with cup and diplomas.

Cup in the hands of the goalkeeper.

The team runs on the field with the cup.

Working days athletes in the production: the assembly of new truck "ZIL".

Gennady Krajukhin - national champion.

Start autocross, dust from the ground.

Estonia, the forest near the town of VГµru.

In the forest there are trucks and stalls.

Work teams "Torpedo" check engine.

Mechanics changing a wheel.

Racer V.Mihalkin wipes the windshield.

Racer G.Krayuhin on the roof of the truck.

The grass sits a woman with children.

Riders in the truck cab.

On board the truck is painted turtle.

Riders wear helmets and sit in the cockpit.

Observers at the start.

Start the final race in the classroom "ZIL-130".

Trucks at a distance, over the fields of clouds of dust.

The drivers behind the wheel.

The machine runs G.Krayuhina turn.

Spectators under the trees.

People near the stuck truck.

Bulldozer. G.Krayuhin passes a jammed machine.

The bulldozer pulls the truck.

Spectators smoking.

The truck returns to the race.

Machine V.Mihalkina.

V.Mihalkin driving.

G.Krayuhina machine sweeps the audience.

Spectators on the pine.

The audience cheers the athlete.

Machine V.Mihalkina down to the ravine.

In the ravine down the next truck.

Man warns drivers of a traffic jam. V.Mihalkin tries to get between other machines.

The driver out of the cab, controls the passage of trucks.

V.Mihalkina car stalled.

Those viewers.

Men support the weight of the cable to the dealer back of the truck.

G.Krayuhina machine overcomes the mountains of sand.

View of the road from the audience.

Truck G.Krayuhina down to the ravine.

Trucks maneuver in the ravine. G.Krayuhin breaks and goes uphill. V.Mihalkin travels on the road in the footsteps of teammate.

View on the road to the hill.

G.Krayuhina car at the finish.

Comrades athlete handed a bottle of beer.

Finish breast-racer from Orenburg.

Finish V.Mihalkin.

G.Krayuhin. V.Mihalkin out of the cab and drinking water.

Open the hood.

Mechanical pours water into the radiator. V.Mihalkin accepts congratulations comrades. G.Krayuhin smokes.

Awards Ceremony.

The game of water polo.

The game of skittles.

Starts car racing.

Discus Throw.

People on the playground. O.Makarova.



People climb the steps to the entrance of the plant.