Anxious Chronicle.. (1972)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.


About the signing of the Soviet-American treaty about the nature preservation and strategic arms reduction.


Temporary description

Biological war in Vietnam. Atmospheric pollution, the environment in cities around the world, the result of scientific and technological progress and the development of capitalism, selfishness commercial gain. Economic disaster.

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Panorama of an industrial enterprise.

View of the pond, the downtrodden garbage and industrial waste.

Bird on a branch.

General view of industrial plant with settling ponds.

Draining Lake Erie in industrial waste, types of industrial enterprises.

The fish in polluted water.

One of the authors of the film F. Maga gives interviews, standing on the edge of the cleaning facilities.

Type of pollution of the marine coast.

View of the abandoned businesses on the shores of Lake Erie.

channel type and a floating barge on it (above).

Ducks take off from the lake.

Flying storks.

The dead fish on the shore, a rat running across the sand.

A dead rat on the beach.

Seagull flying above the waves.

Water contaminated oil waste.

Rubbish on the waves near the shore.

Contaminated surface water bodies.

Cover of the "International Code of protection of nature."

General view of the hall of the New York Stock Exchange (the top).

Quotes of the "International Code for the Protection of Nature" about the protection of water resources.

Types of Niagara Falls.

Seascapes, the rolling waves, the sun is near the horizon.

Fishermen pulling nets with fish.

Fishermen with their catch at the bottom of the barge, fishermen face, choosing the network.

Fisherman repairing network.

Sort of fish caught in the longboat.

Sea waves.

Newsreel 1970: papyrus boat "Ra-2" during the voyage.

The crew of the boat waving goodbye.

T. Heyerdahl and expedition members during the voyage.

The boat is under sail, a monkey sitting on the rigging.

Heyerdahl gives interviews.

Rocks on the seashore.

View of the garden with greenhouses and greenhouses.

Pollination garden pesticides from a tractor trailer.

Flowing contaminated water, splashing waves of the sea.

Whales, emissions on the sea shore in California.

Environmental scientists reveal the whale's body.

The bodies of whales on the beach.

Saving whales off the coast of Florida, returning them to the water.

towing a whale to a depth using a motorboat.

Japanese fisherman in a boat rowing oar face fisherman.

Placed fishing nets.

Water contaminated with toxic debris and garbage.

Types of companies in the paper industry Taganure (Japan) and coastal waters, contaminated waste.

Discharge into the sea of ​​toxic waste from the paper industry.

Contaminated water Omura Japanese rivers merge into the Gulf Oriaka.

Type of industrial plant.

General view of the treatment plant (above).

Japanese fishermen go to sea and return to port, the boat and the boat at the pier.

Unloading fish from a boat.

Fish auction on the coast, the appraiser at work.

Panorama of the Japanese fishing village.

Contaminated sea water.


Thor Heyerdahl - Norwegian archaeologist, explorer, writer




At Sea


Spring [825]

Figures of science; Scientific expeditions

Reel №5

Type of the beach and the coastal cliffs.

Japanese fishermen descend boat on the water at the beginning of the fishing season.

Persons of Japanese women during the holiday beginning of the fishing season.

People stand on the beach.

Japanese fishing boats and boats in the sea.

Map of Japan with the designation of fisheries centers.

Fishing boats in the bay Suroga during a protest against the pollution of the ocean, on the shore of protest.

She speaks at a rally, fishermen face, listen to the speaker.

Ocean waves.

Floating trucks and oil tankers.

The oil film on water.

Types of seabed, underwater plants and inhabitants.

Ocean during a storm, the ship struggling with the waves.

Kind of stumbled on the reef and sank off the coast of England in the tanker (above), the oil spill on the English Channel.

View bow sailing vessel.

British fishermen during fishing, the catch on deck.

People collect spilled oil near the shore, take out her hand.

The descent into the water and installation of floating oil spill barriers.

View waterlogged tanker (above).

Birds on the beach, affected by the oil pollution of water.

People are saving birds from the coastal mud and puddles of oil.

The rescued birds in the hands of the people.

Opening the "Bird's hospital" to provide assistance to the rescued birds.

People wash off oil with rescued birds.

Birds in the manger.

Newsreel 1969: light aircraft flying over the ocean.

General view of the beach of Santa Barbara, the California coast.

oil rig in the Gulf view from the beach.

An oil spill around the tower.

Types of oil derricks, repair and dismantling of equipment (above).

Court set a floating derrick boom in the area, the release of oil into the sea.

Installation of floating barriers.

Gulls in the puddles of oil on the shore.

People at the beach.

View of an American railway train with nerve gas.

Time in cars.

Photographers and cameramen shoot the train en route.

Promotion echelon, soldiers in the cordon.

The American officer with a mask in his hand.

It takes a train.

The sinking of the ship with a nerve agent, the officers watched through binoculars sinking ship.

Ocean waves.

General view of the UN building in New York.

Cover of the "International Code of protection of nature."

Quotes of the world's oceans protection.

General view of the conference room of the UN, the UN emblem.

View of UN building.

Wheat field on the background of the industrial landscape.

Used soil excavated in the truck body.






Winter [823] Autumn [826]

Man-made disasters

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