Newsreel of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (1941)

Footage №72708, 1 footage, duration: 0:09:20

Scene №1 Newsreel of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War

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Burning on the road Soviet armored vehicles, the column of flame rises.

Broken Soviet tanks on the roadside.

The tank column of the Wehrmacht is moving.

The offensive of tanks and German infantry across the field.

The officer observes the course of the battle through the stereotube.

German machine-gunners and artillerymen are firing.

German tanks are moving along the road, a motorcyclist is passing by.

Burning on the road tank.

The movement of German motorized columns.

German artillery antitank calculation takes a position.

Broken Soviet technology.

German soldiers inspect the captured Soviet tank KV-2.

Broken Soviet tanks and vehicles on the side of the road.

Captured Soviet heavy tank.

View of the German tank column.

Hit the projectile in a Soviet tank.

Red Army soldiers who are being taken prisoner.

German artillery is firing, the tanks are on the attack.

Panorama of the field with burning Soviet tanks.

The German artillery battery fires.

Tanks attacked by motorcyclists.

German tanks and infantry in the offensive.

Lined Soviet tanks at the edge of the forest.

The commanders of the German tank crews receive a combat mission.

The advance of German tanks to the frontier of the attack, burning Soviet tanks.

Kinds of a broken Soviet armored train.

Subdivisions of the Wehrmacht are moving along the highway past broken Soviet tanks.

The calculation of a Soviet anti-aircraft machine gun on a truck died in battle.

Broken Soviet technology.

Red Army soldiers and commanders during the rest between fights.

The correspondent photographs the fighters.

The Red Army man drinks water from his helmet.

The soldiers and commanders are sitting by the fire in the liberated village.

Soviet artillery calculation is firing.

The face of the girl-medical orderly.

The medical instructor bandages wounded Soviet soldiers.

Evacuation of the wounded to the rear.

Automatics are fighting in the shop of a destroyed factory.

Photo of the Red Army.

Division of the Red Army in the campaign.

The movement of a column of Soviet prisoners, a general view of the column.

Destructive calculation of the Soviet anti-tank gun.

View of the Soviet echelon with ammunition, destroyed as a result of an air raid.

The destroyed Soviet convoy, the driver's corpse in the cabin.

The military train is moving along the road there are broken wagons.

Bombers drop bombs.

Children who died as a result of an air raid.

Attack of Soviet tanks and infantry, military operations of Soviet troops.

Calendar: 1941

Locations: USSR [863] Ukraine [229] Belarus [845]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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