Chronicle of the armed conflict in Yugoslavia (1993)

Footage №72718, 1 footage, duration: 0:10:31
Production: VID

Scene №1 Chronicle of the armed conflict in Yugoslavia

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The soldiers approach the ambulance.

View of the road from the body.

The man in the back.


Ruined house.

The Serbian soldier answers the correspondent.

Canteen for refugees.

Soldiers in the city.

Driving through the street.

A man with a submachine gun behind a parapet.

The soldier gives an interview.

Rusted tank.

Correspondents, accompanied by soldiers, inspect the ruins of houses.

Marching troops.

On the podium stands Franjo Tudjman.

The chronicle of 1941: the treatment of Ante Pavelich to the people, Pavelic shakes hands with Hitler.

The handshake of F. Tudjman.

Ruined houses, correspondents and soldiers among the ruins.

Wounded in the hospital.

A soldier about the activities of the Mujahideen in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Statistics of migration, documents, photos, pages of magazines.

Serbian refugees.

The doctor talks about the children.

Fragment of the interview with the boy.

City streets in the snow (shooting from the car).

Soldiers on the streets.

The Muslim Mosque.

Catholic Church.

Orthodox Church.

A priest about the religious aspect of the war.

Shells from shells on the ground.


The soldier loads the gun.

The soldiers play chess.

The machine on the rocks.

A man with a gun.

Shooting from the machine gun.

Ruined houses, the village under fire.

A soldier fires a mortar.

Undercode timecode.

Soldiers of the United Nations.

Interview with the Russian military about the revival of the ideas of A.Pavelich.

People are having dinner.

Wall with traces of shelling.

Correspondent and soldiers are walking around the village.

A look through the gun sight.

A soldier with a dog.


A woman is picking flowers.

The tank rides through the village.

The correspondent is reporting on the tank.

The tank shoots and moves back.


Tudjman F. is a Croatian statesman, political and military leader, marshal of Croatia, major general of Yugoslavia, writer and publicist, president of Croatia (1990-1999). Pavelic A. - Croatian state, political and military leader, founder and leader of the fascist organization Ustashi (1929-1945), dictator (1941-1945). Hitler A. - the founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, the Reich Chancellor and Führer of Germany, the supreme commander of the German armed forces in World War II.

Calendar: 04.1993

Locations: Yugoslavia [247] Serbia [984]

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