Crimes of the US military (1945-1968)

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Scene №1 Crimes of the US military

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Map of US military bases surrounding the territory of the USSR.

American soldiers in full equipment descend the ramps of aircraft, unload the property and ammunition.

The landing of American troops on the coast from the landing ship.

American troops in Europe.

Panorama of the site for the deployment of the US military unit.

Explosion of a nuclear bomb.

Consequences of a nuclear explosion.

A man in flames.

Burning Vietnamese village.

Child next to the corpse of the mother.

Panorama of the part of the settlement affected by the US Air Force air raid.

The wounded child.

Panorama of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, destroyed as a result of the American atomic bombing in 1945.

American military transport aircraft, which delivered another sample of a nuclear bomb for testing.

Internal view of a transport aircraft with a system of protection against nuclear weapons.

Officer at the command post of the test site.

Another test of American nuclear weapons.

Type of nuclear explosion (top).

The military at the command post is watching the tests.

The officer at the console gives the command.

Types of nuclear explosion.

Calendar: 1945 1968

Locations: Western Europe [911] Vietnam [240] USA [851] Japan [112]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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