The Soviet people in the fight against the German fascist invaders (1941-1945)

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Scene №1 The Soviet people in the fight against the German fascist invaders

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Young people participate in the physical parades of 1936-1937 in Moscow.

Representatives of the Union republics of Central Asia pass through Red Square.

A fighter of a fighter detachment from one of the districts of the Moscow region escorts a captured German.

A search of a prisoner, a review of his documents.

Kind of a German soldier's book.

The faces of captured German soldiers.

The map is in the hands of the squad leader, seized from one of the prisoners.

The commanders of the Red Army in the staff dugout at the front line of the defense put on the map the location of the German units.

The face of the prisoner testifying.

Types of one of the guerrilla camps.

The partisan is shaving, standing by the tree.

A clock on the trunk of a tree.

Combat actions of German fascist troops in the first days of the war.

Panorama of the burning settlement (from above).

A burning village house, runs through a German soldier.

People remove from the gallows the body of a man hanged by invaders.

The bodies of the victims of the German invaders.

Types of partisan camp.

German punishers are visiting an abandoned partisan camp.

Calendar: 1936-1937 1941

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Autumn [826]

Scene №2

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Military parade on the red square on November 7, 1941.

The Red Army units on the people's militia pass through the streets of Moscow.

Molotov VM, Budenny SM, Stalin IV, Beria LP On the podium of the mausoleum.

Red Army units pass through Red Square, spectators welcome them from the guest stands.

A man sits near the corpses of the executed family members in a village that was liberated from the Germans.

An underground worker pastes a leaflet to the order of the German commandant (staging).

Armed patrol of a fighter battalion on the street of one of the regional centers of the Moscow region.

The faces of the Red Army soldiers listening to Stalin's speech before the parade on Red Square on November 7,

Panorama of guest stands and parts of the Kremlin wall.

Types of the monument to Pushkin in the days of the siege of Moscow, passing by people.

View of a part of Gorky Street.

The text of a newspaper article on the liberation of the Moscow region from the Nazi invaders.

The commander of the Red Army on the streets of Moscow shows the girl the map of the region published in the newspaper.

Partisans are nominated for combat missions.

The German technology, which was broken as a result of the battle with the guerrillas, is the corpses of German soldiers.

Panorama of the terrain after the battle.

A rifle subdivision of the Red Army on the march.

Partisan sniper in ambush.

The corpses of German soldiers.

The artillery calculation fires.

Remains of civilians tortured by the fascists.

Soviet troops on the march.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich - statesman and politician [842] Molotov Vyacheslav Mikhailovich - state and political figure Beria Lavrenty Pavlovich - state and political figure Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - military leader

Calendar: 11/07/1941 11.1941-02.1942

Locations: Moscow region [788] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

Scene №3

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Portraits of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya and her Komsomol ticket.

Soldiers of the fighter squad in the forest in the winter of 1941.

The girl is cleaning the trophy machine.

Residents of Moscow during the rest in the city parks before the war.

Children go for a drive on pedal cars, bicycles and attractions.

People walk along the Moskva River embankment, the faces of people walking.

Panorama of one of the squares.

Football teams go on the field.

The faces of girls are athletes.

Competitions among Moscow youth in various sports.

Red Army soldier in the trench in the summer of 1941.

Panorama of the front edge, ruptures of shells.

Faces of the Red Army men in the trenches.

The corpses of German soldiers in the trench, scattered personal belongings and ammunition.

Hit the German tanks.

Calendar: 06.1941 12.1941

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] the USSR

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Scene №4

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The faces of the partisans.

Partisan radio operators are establishing a connection with the Big Land.

View of a part of the winter forest (top).

Partisans recount the weapons received, the face of the partisan commander.

The captured German soldiers and officers captured during the liberation of Belarus are escorted along the streets of Moscow in 1944.

View of a column of German prisoners of war on Moscow street (from above).

The column of prisoners is moving across Moscow, the faces of captured generals and officers.

Faces of women and children.

There is a German general.

Hitler A. gets acquainted with the combat situation on the staff card, listens to the military's explanations.

Pioneers and Komsomol members during the lesson on the material part of small arms.

Tactical occupation on the layout of the terrain with the commanders of the fighter squads.

Partisan commander in the forest behind the development of a combat operation.

A dancing evening in the House of Culture before the war, the faces of girls and boys.

General view of the dance hall (from above), boys and girls are dancing.

Pioneers and schoolchildren in the forest in the classroom on chemical and sanitary defense, girls put on gas masks and put them on a stretcher of the conditionally injured.

Types of partisan camp in the winter forest, the door of the dugout opens.

View of part of the German military map.

Fighting at night, the tanks are attacking the settlement, burning houses.

Sheets of German maps of the Eastern Front.

The faces of the Moscow militiamen.

Workers of Moscow enterprises undergo military training, classes on bayonet fighting.

Training of artillery calculation, the commander submits commands.

Spotlights of the Moscow air defense unit search for air targets at night.

Conducting fire on a German bomber at night, Soviet fighters in flight.

Burning on the ground German aircraft.

The pilot Talalikhin V.V. At home with his mother.

A herd of cows crosses Sverdlov Square in the autumn of 1941.

Antitank obstacles in the streets of Moscow in October 1941.

An anti-aircraft gun at the Borodino bridge, fighters calculating in their places.

Poster "Defend Moscow!".

People are digging anti-tank ditches and trenches for infantry.

Female soldiers in the ranks, the faces of girls.

The Marine Division marches along the Moskva River embankment.


Talalikhin Viktor Vasilievich - fighter pilot

Calendar: 06.1941 10.1941 12.1941 08.1944

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Scene №5

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Graduates of schools at the evening in the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions, the kind of presidium, the faces of graduates.

Mass cross in honor of the 10th anniversary of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Moscow in 1935.

Lesson on the study of the material part of the machine gun "Maxim" in the circle of OSOAVIAHIM.

The pioneers dismantled small-caliber rifles from the weapons pyramid.

People in the shooting range of OSOAVIAHIM are firing from rifles at targets, faces shooting, a pierced target.

German soldiers in June 1941 burn out houses in the village.

Photos of German soldiers, Jewish pogroms and executions of Soviet citizens.

A German soldier is catching chickens in an occupied village.

Calendar: 1935 06.1941

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №6

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An obituary in a German newspaper with a portrait of General Wilhelm Kube, destroyed by the Belarusian partisans in 1943.

General Kube descends the steps of the porch, accompanied by officers.

Explosions of railway tracks, arranged by Belarusian partisans, burning railroad cars.

Partisans withdraw after a successful sabotage, the German echelon is burning.

Panorama of a part of the burning Belarusian village.

German soldiers set fire to houses with the help of flamethrowers.

Corpses of civilians.

Photo of the executed Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy.

Guerrillas receive weapons and ammunition.

The explosion of the railway bridge.

A view of a part of the railroad tracks destroyed by the partisans.

Partisans lay explosives under the rails.

Burning country houses.

Guerrillas are fighting, carrying the wounded on stretchers.

Rendering wounded partisans medical care in the forest.

Partisans in ambush near the railroad tracks.

Undermining of a moving locomotive.

A Soviet military transport aircraft is flying.

Type of partisan airfield in winter (from above).

Partisans liberate the village, burn houses.

There is a German helmet, German posters burn.

Corpses of local residents killed by German invaders.

Weeping young partisan.

The old man shows a burned grain, the face of an elderly woman.

Remains of dead civilians.

Partisans bury the dead.

The commander reads the order before the formation, the partisans leave.

The shooting of traitors with control shots.


Cuba Wilhelm Richard Richard Paul - German statesman and politician

Calendar: 1943-1944

Locations: Belarus [845]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Scene №7

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Soldiers of the fighter squad of one of the districts of the Moscow region in service in December 1941, the commander checks weapons.

Faces of fighters.

Fighters in formation with skis.

One of the district leaders speaks to the personnel of the fighter squad.

The commanders and the leadership of the district discuss the tactics of further actions on the map.

Fighters of fighter squadrons in the bodies of trucks on one of the streets of Moscow.

Jubilant people on the streets of Moscow on Victory Day May 9, 1945.

Kind of part of the Red Square, filled with people.

The girl throws flowers to the winning soldiers.

Calendar: 12.1941 05/09/1945

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

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