Domestic newsreel (1929-1930)

Footage №72892, 2 footages, duration: 0:08:27

Scene №1 Domestic newsreel

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Members of the working commune to them.

Ilyich for working on machine tools in the workshop of the plant in Kharkov.

Sheet of the wall newspaper of the working commune.

Assembly of the brigade of the automatic workshop, one of the workers appears.

Voting for joining the commune.

An anti-religious meeting in one of the workers' hostels in Tver, the faces of the participants in the meeting.

The speaker speaks at the meeting, people applaud.

People take pictures from the walls of their rooms.

People carry icons and church utensils down the stairs.

Women remove the icons from the wall, take them out, fold them at the entrance.

Removal of icons from the building of the hostel.

A fire is burning, built of icons, smiling faces of people.

Burning icon.

Women throw the icons into the fire.

People's faces, burning bonfire.

People dance around the fire from the icons.

The form of a night anti-religious rally.

Calendar: 1929-1930

Locations: Kharkiv [899] Tver region [806]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Scene №2

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Kinds of territory of the women's agricultural commune named after Krupskaya in the Yaroslavl district.

Women in haymaking.

Laying hay in mop, loading on carts.

Plowing the field with a tractor.

Kommunarka erect new wooden buildings.

Construction of the hospital in the commune.

Moscow pioneers and schoolchildren are walking the streets of the city during an agitational carnival dedicated to literacy.

Children carry banners with images of the letters of the Russian alphabet.

Pass the columns of pioneers and school children with banners.

On the street riding cadets of cavalry schools OSOAVHIM.

General view of the moving columns, the agitation truck is passing by.

The view of the gate at the entrance to the territory of the collective farm "New Life", created in the former landowner's estate.

A peasant plowing the land with a plow.

The peasant is repairing the plow.

Plowing of the earth with a plow, the ground under the plowshare plows.

Flag of one of the collective farm teams.

Collective farm tractors on arable land.

Handing over the Red Pennant to the shock brigade of one of the collective farms.

Collective farmers of the village of Zhulebino before loading grain into wagons.

The faces of the peasants.

General view of the collective farm meeting before the beginning of field work.

The statements of the peasants on admission to the collective farm.

The faces of the peasants.

Entry to the collective farm.

General view of part of the collective farm meeting.

The pupils of the children's commune "Dawn", located in the former landowner's estate, play in the street, the faces of children.

General view of the royal summer palace in Livadia.

Nicholas II with his family during a holiday in Livadia in the 1910s.

A bus and a car with vacationers drive up to a sanatorium in Livadia.

Signboard with the inscription "Peasant resort" Livadia ".

Peasants who came to the treatment leave the car, the employees of the sanatorium help them.

Holidaymakers read newspapers while sitting in the garden.

An elderly man sits down in an armchair, unfolds a newspaper.

Vacationers take sun baths, lying on the couch.

Holidaymakers are sitting in the sun loungers.


Nicholas II - the Russian Emperor

Calendar: 1910s 1929-1930

Locations: Moscow [820] Yaroslavl region [812] USSR [863] Moscow region [788] Crimea [981]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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