Starlet № 13 (1972)

Newsreel №72937, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:00
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:N.Nikitkin, V.Puzanov,Yu.Klimov, G.Eljnickaya, Yu.Danilov
Screenwriters:V.Nikitkina, V.Puzanov, S.Listov, N.Barkova, Yu.Klimov
Camera operators:S.Arceulova, P.Tartakov,A. Dubrovskij, M.Yakshin,A.Klimentjev, E.Potievskij


1. " hold On, let's go!" - a story about a variety of attractions. 2. "Stars" - the robot Thor introduces the audience to the constellations. 3. "why we love them" - a story about the most common Pets - dogs. 4. "You and the picture" - tour of the Tretyakov gallery, introduction to the alphabet of painting, a story about how to understand a picture. 5. "About Belka Filka" - the story of a seal cub saved by people.

Reel №1

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1. " hold On, let's go!"

At an amusement Park.

An attraction with vintage-style cars.

Various carousels.

Children's circuit.

Roller coaster ride.

2. "Stars".

The host of the program-a doll = robot introduces the audience to various constellations.

Locations: Moscow [820]


Gorky Park. Bitter

Reel №2

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Continuation of the story "Stars".

Robot Thor continues to introduce viewers to the stars (animation).

3. "why we love them."

A man with a boxer is walking down the street.

A woman with a Greyhound.

Collie on a leash.

The man lets the dog off the leash.

Collie and a small mongrel "get acquainted".

Dog show.

Sheepdog and collie rings.

Different dog breeds at the exhibition.

The Moscow watchtower is chasing the attacker.

The criminal is hiding in a phone booth.

Russian greyhounds are chasing a hare.

Spaniel swims with game in his mouth.

Hunter with a pointer in the field.

Chronicle: fire and house collapse.

Shepherd dog monitors the serviceability of the gas pipeline in Tallinn.

The Sheepdog is looking for where the leak occurred.

Film adaptation of Seton-Thompson's "Chink" story

Reel №3

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Continuation of the story "why we love them".

At a dog show.

A stray dog eats out of a dumpster.

A boy feeds a stray dog a sandwich.

Fragment of a circus performance with dogs.

In the clown's dressing room.

Soldiers have lunch on the street.

A shepherd dog walks between the tables with a plate in its mouth and begs for food.

The Sheepdog brings food to its pups.

Sheepdog on the training ground.

Military chronicle: soldiers go on the attack.

A dog with explosives in a special vest runs to the train.

The shepherd throws off his vest. and runs away.

The train explodes.

Chronicle: dogs at war.

The modern school of dog trainers.

Dogs in training.

Reel №4

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4. You and the picture".

A boy and a girl climb the stairs in an art gallery.

Halls of the art gallery.


"Portrait of the boy Chelishchev"(artist O. Kiprensky).

"Portrait of a son" (artist V. A. Tropinin).

The Picture Of V.Perov's "Troika".

V. Savrasov "Rooks have arrived".

V. Surikov "Menshikov in Berezov".

The building of the Tretyakov gallery.

5. "About Belka Filka".

Seals in the snow.

A seal cub next to its mother.

Locations: Moscow


Tretyakov gallery

Reel №5

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Continuation of the story "about Belka Filka".

Helicopter in the sky.

Belek runs through the snow.

A man watches the seals through binoculars.

Screaming Belek.

A man carries a squirrel in his arms.

Brings Belka to his mother.

Belek for the first time, swims in the polynya.

Polar bear .

Belek is alone among the ice and snow.

Parking of polar scientists.

Scientists feed the squirrel with milk.

Scientists take water samples.

The expedition leaves the ice floe and takes Belka.

Seal in the zoo.

A boy feeds a seal with fish.

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