Starlet № 40 (1985)

Newsreel №73007, 6 parts, duration: 0:52:58
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Reel №1

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Kinoalmanah consists of three plots.

Leading almanac - pioneer Alyosha Korsunsky.

1 part


Interior view of the pavilion "Space" at VDNH. The first artificial Earth satellite, a model of a spaceship, a portrait of Yu.A. Gagarin, the satellites in the pavilion.

Visitors inspect the exhibits.

The pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Grechko in the pavilion tells the students about work in space, answers their questions (sinhr.).

Personnel newsreel in 1963: the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova in the spacesuit at the cosmodrome; Spacecraft in flight; Take-off space rocket (with video).

The main hall of the Flight Control Center (MCC).

On the screen - the flight line of the spacecraft.

Employees of the MCC for computers.

Pilots-cosmonauts of the USSR G.M. Grechko and S.E. Savitskaya in the MCC.

Reel №2

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Part 2

Plot 1 (continued). K.M. Grechko in the pavilion "Space" tells students about spacesuits, about weightlessness, answers questions of schoolchildren (sinhr).

Different suits on the stand.

Ferris wheel in the Park of Culture and Rest.


The carousel is spinning.

Students in the park dance and sing (sinhr.).

The pioneer pulls himself up on the bar, swings on the swings.

Employees of the MCC in the main hall at work.

Newsreel footage: Yu.A. Gagarin puts on a spacesuit; S.P. Korolev gives the command to the beginning of the flight; The launch and flight of a spacecraft; Cosmonaut training; K.M. Grechko in the lake at the moment of landing; V.A. Soloviev at the orbital station; Cosmonauts in a state of weightlessness; VV Tereshkova in the spacesuit at the cosmodrome and in the ship; A.A. Leonov goes into open space, etc. (with video).

Reel №3

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Part 3

Plot 1 (continued).

GM Grechko tells schoolchildren about further research that the next generation will have to do (sinhr.).

The main hall of the PMU.

Children's drawings dedicated to the exploration of outer space.

Newsreel frames: cosmonauts in spacesuits at the cosmodrome (with video).


Pig with pigs near the trough.

A dog with pigs in the yard.

The pig drives the dog away from the pigs.

A herd of wild boars in the forest.

Female wild boar with pigs.

Piglets with a hedgehog.

The cubs are near the hole.

Wolves and pigs.

Fox in the grass.

Owl on the tree.

Piglet and fox in the clearing.

The grown pigs on the glade are looking for food, digging the earth with their noses.

Wild boars eat the acorns in the autumn forest.

Piglets lie in the mud, getting rid of parasites, itches about the tree.

Boar in the lake.

Reel №4

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Part 4

Plot 2 (continued).

Wild boars run through the forest.

Wild boars in the lake.

Visitors to the zoo near the enclosure with warthogs.

Warthogs dig the ground, run around in cages.

Working zoo with cubs of warthogs.

Bakers at the feeders.

Hippos in the enclosure eat grass, swim in the pond.

Visitors feed the animals.

House with the inscription: "Dwarf hippos."

Dwarf hippos in the aviary.

The building of the pavilion "Pig breeding" at VDNH. Pigs and pigs of large white breed.

Pigs of different breeds in cages.

Pig feed piglets.

Pig breeding complex (PNRM.).

Pigs in pens.

The control panel of the automated complex.

Automated feed for feeders.

Pig feed piglets.

The vet examines the piglets.

The pig farm worker keeps all the piglets fed.

Piglets run through the premises of the complex.

Plot 3. NDP: "BALL ROUND ...


The guys play football.

Player No. 9 breaks the rules of the game and sits down on the penalty box.

Reel №5

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Part 5

Plot 3 (continued).

Rugby teams of the children's sports school in Zelenograd play on the field.

The coach (actor B. Shcherbakov) explains the rules of the game to rugby (sync.).

The history of the game in rugby (staging): young athletes in the costumes of students in the school of Rugby (England, XIX century.) Play football; A student of William Webb Ellis (for The legend of the founder of rugby) during the game violates the rules and beats the ball with his hands; Captains of teams argue about the rules of the game of rugby in a London tavern.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Part 6

Plot 3 (continued).

Coach (actor B. Shcherbakov) in the training of rugby players.

The coach talks about an oval shape ball for rugby and rules of the game (sinhr.).

Rugby players are playing in the stadium.

Moments of the game of rugby players and football players.

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