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"X-Files 84".

October 7, 1984 from Rostov flew a passenger plane Tu-134, flight 8352 on the route "Tbilisi-Rostov-Tallinn".

At 120 km from Minsk, a powerful light beam illuminated the cockpit of the pilots.

The ray came from an unknown object, in the shape of a star.

Having reached the plane, the light took the practically exact form of the Tu-134, only without wings.

For lack of a camera, the pilots could not shoot, but co-pilot Gennady Lazorin managed to sketch something.

The beam of light gradually moved on the plane, however, as soon as the navigator contacted the dispatching service of Minsk, the object ceased its pursuit.

Due to the large number of witnesses on the ground, the non-disclosure license given by the pilots did not help, and on January 30, 1985, the newspaper Trud published an article by Volodymyr Vostrukhin "Exactly at 4:10."

In addition, the object was observed by the crew of flight 7084 on the route "Leningrad-Kiev-Batumi".

The pilots took a risky decision and tried to catch up with the object, while they were exposed to unpleasant thermal effects, and a few days later the commander Gotseridze and the second pilot Kabachnikov showed serious health problems.

In July 1947, a state of New Mexico crashed an unidentified flying object near the city of Roswell (Roswell incident).

Since the late 70's, this story has been the subject of heated debate and conspiracy theories, primarily because of the obscure nature of the found object, Now can not come to an agreement whether the film on which the autopsy of the deceased alien is sealed is an original or a falsification.

In 1948, the US Department of State documents mention the project "Majestic-12", its goals and tasks are not deciphered.

In 1952, this name disappears, but another appears: "Blue book project".

About him, almost nothing is known, but there was a copy of the newspaper The New York Times for the same year with an article in which this project is mentioned.

In 1958, the project was finalized under the name "MJ-12 Committee".

Nevertheless, any attempts to find out what kind of committee it is and what it does does not lead to anything, it does not seem to exist at all.

Different stories, different countries, different decades ... but in both cases there is a common source: military departments that make every effort, To conceal the incidents, to disguise them as stories about the testing of missile and laser weapons and to prevent even greater leakage of information.

So what does the elusive "MJ-12 Committee" do, and could such an organization exist in the USSR? Could our governments unite to preserve the common secret that they have been hiding from their peoples for many years?

The navigator of Flight 8352 Yuri Ognev, the author of the article "Exactly at 4:10" Vladimir Vostrukhin, the scientist Yuli Platov, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Trud" Leonid Kravchenko and the colonel Alexander Plaksin try to understand this.

For the preparation of the program archival materials of the USSR and the USA were used, a record of the negotiations of the crew of the Gemini-7 spacecraft with the MCC in Houston, an excerpt A documentary film of the studio of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR "10 minutes about UFOs" (1985), a fragment of an interview with a former employee of one of the American special services on the activities of "MJ-12".


Platov Yu.V. - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation RAS, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Group of the Academy of Sciences on anomalous phenomena (1978-1996). Kravchenko L.P. - Soviet journalist party and statesman, media manager (chief editor and head of a number of state-owned media in 1975-2003). Plaksin A.A. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, employee of the Laboratory for the Study of Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena of the 22nd Central Scientific Research Institute Testing Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR (1979-1992), representative of the USSR Ministry of Defense in the Central Commission on anomalous phenomena.

Calendar: 1940s 1970s

Locations: USSR [863] USA [851]

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