How it was 10/03/2000 (2000)

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"The Cholera Epidemic, 1970".

For many centuries, an easily transmitted and rapidly developing disease has claimed millions of lives.

On the territory of the USSR, cholera was officially defeated in 1938.

All subsequent outbreaks of this terrible disease in the summer of 1942, 1943, 1965 and 1970 were strictly classified.

All employees of the epidemiological service had a second degree of secrecy.

Participants in the fight against the epidemic have given signings of non-disclosure.

The outbreak of cholera in the south of the country at the height of the holiday season in 1970 threatened to absorb virtually the entire territory of the USSR. To fight the epidemic was created The Extraordinary Commission, which included members of the KGB. The troops cordoned off the resort areas, traffic ceased completely, the movement of trains And the planes were extremely limited, only those who had successfully passed the triple observing could leave or fly home.

The epidemic managed to win at an incredible effort, but the questions remained.

Accurate data on the extent of the epidemic are still kept under the heading "Top Secret" in the special fund of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko recommended doctors not to take part in the program and did not allow correspondents to read the documents.

The witnesses of the events of 30 years ago take part in the conversation: Director of the Rostov Anti-Plague Institute in 1970 Igor Domaradsky, Deputy The head of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Department of Internal Affairs of the Astrakhan region in 1970, the Dowlet Council, the author-singer Vladimir Lantsberg.

Immediate participants, Inessa Volchinskaya and Oleg Stashkevich, tell about life in the conditions of quarantine.

The preparation of the program used the chronicles of the war years and 1965, as well as interviews with epidemiologist Raisa Zotova about how, one month after The official closure of the quarantine in Karakalpakia, her colleague Dora Zheglov again discovered a cholera vibrio in the water ...


Domaradsky I.V. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of RAMS and RANS, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation. Lantsberg V.I. - bard, writer, poet, teacher. Stashkevich O.L. - Member of the Odessa team of KVN, literary secretary of the satirist MM Zhvanetsky.

Calendar: 1942-1943 1965 1970

Locations: USSR [863]

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