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The uprising in Temirtau in 1959.

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In 1959, in the Kazakh city of Temirtau in the construction of a metallurgical plant (Kazakhstan's Magnitogorsk) there were riots and strikes.

For the suppression of the mutiny by internal troops, firearms were used.

Video chronicle: metallurgical plant (address panorama of the flight, work in the shops, smelting of metal);

Radio broadcasts from various sources (mainly foreign news agencies), people from radio receivers, radio broadcasts.

Construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Angara River; The creation of a dam - a stone is thrown with the inscription: "By the will of the native party we conquered the Angara."

Construction of the city.

Leader Oleg Shklovsky lists statistics of the dead and wounded during the suppression of the uprising in Temirtau.

Video chronicle: construction of a factory, a meeting of workers on the street; Train Station; Youth escorted to the Komsomol construction.

Alexander Korkin talks about the Komsomol members who came to Temirtau.

On the existing strict selection of young people, sent for construction.

Describes the organization of the necessary conditions of detention.

According to Korkin, among the arrivals there were people who had a criminal record.

He speaks of minor hooligan antics that preceded the mass riots in the city.

Alexei Kazannik tells about the living conditions at the construction site, about minimum stipends.

Narratives of the events of 1959, when employees refused to pay their salaries.

Gives its assessment of what happened.

According to Boris Dudyshkin in Temirtau, there were always robberies and hooliganism.

He names the reasons for the riots.

He speaks of incitement in tent camps, where the builders of the plant lived.

Indicates the absence of labor organization.

Alexander Korkin agrees that the organizers of the construction were not ready to cope with the number of arrived Komsomol members, which affected the conditions of their maintenance.

Viktor Andreev speaks about the existing failures with the delivery of water.

According to Nikolai Chistyakov, residents of the tent city had constant problems with food; In the canteens prepared food from spoiled food, hygiene norms were not observed (cockroaches, bugs fell into food).

Participants of the program stage-by-stage reveal the reasons for the riots, tell how the insurgency was suppressed, mistakes were made in the actions of the militia and military personnel who arrived at the site of the riots.

The reaction of Brezhnev and the Central Committee to events is considered.

Vitaly Lelchuk declassified the information, which was concealed for more than 40 years.

Doctor of Historical Sciences shares the facts he has received from archival documents.

He speaks of a large group of Bulgarian citizens working in the construction of the plant and subjected to constant hooligan attacks.

Indicates the existing difference in the quality of service for the Bulgarians and the Soviet brigades.

Describes the introduction of troops into the tent city.

Boris Dudyshkin talks about the internal confrontation in the town, when local Komsomol members tried to prevent the rebels, who started riots.


Korkin Alexander - First Secretary of the City Committee of the CPSU, Temirtau in 1959. Alexei Kazanin - a participant in the Temirtau uprising in 1959. Dudyshkin Boris is an investigator of the Temirtau city prosecutor's office in 1959. Andreev Victor is a participant in the construction of Kazakhstan's Magnitogorsk. Chistyakov Nikolai - head of the Investigation Department of the KGB of the USSR in 1959. Lelchuk Vitaly - Doctor of Historical Sciences.

Calendar: 16.01.2000

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