How it was (2001) 01/16/2001

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Anchorperson: Oleg Shklovskij

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Newsreel of 1945: Stalin IV, Truman G., Churchill U. during the work of the Potsdam Conference in July-August 1945.

Loading American atomic bean into the plane before the flight to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6-7, 1945.

Take-off of an American bomber with an atomic bomb on board.

The explosion of an atomic bomb.

Panorama of part of Hiroshima, destroyed as a result of atomic bombardment.

Residents of the city affected by the nuclear explosion.

US President Truman gives a speech.

A veteran intelligence officer, Vladimir Barkovsky, talks about obtaining information about the work of Americans over an atomic bomb in the early 1940s, about the content of documents received, About the methods of working with agents and getting information from them, about Soviet research on a nuclear bomb in the 1930s, about the distrust of the intelligence leadership by the incoming Information on the reasons for the resumption of the Soviet nuclear project in 1942, the content of documents and materials obtained through intelligence, the problems of uranium mining in the USSR, the degree of Western scientists' knowledge of the Soviet nuclear project.

The physicist Vladimir Shpinel speaks about the work of the Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute, created in the late 1920s, its employees, the Kharkiv Nuclear Project ", on the work on the creation of a nuclear bomb, on the possible prospects of creating an atomic bomb in the USSR, on safety in working with components of a nuclear bomb.

Newsreel 1942: German and American physicists at work.

German soldiers in the streets of occupied Kharkov.

Molotov V.M. In his office.

Malenkov GM, Molotov, Beria LP, Mikoyan AI In the Kremlin.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg after the announcement of the verdict of the court.

Arrested by the FBI, Soviet agents.

Tests of the first Soviet atomic bomb on the test site near Semipalatinsk in 1949.

Photos of Academician Kurchatov I.V.

The physicist Arkady Brish speaks of working on the atomic bomb in Sarov, the role of Beria in the Soviet atomic project, the secrecy regime in Sarov, the material support in Sarov, and the production of a prototype bomb.

The son of Pavel Sudoplatov Professor Anatoly Sudoplatov speaks about the secrecy of the project and contacts with the Americans.

Academician Nikolai Dollezhal talks about awarding a team of scientists who worked on the creation of a Soviet nuclear bomb.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich - statesman and politician
Molotov Vyacheslav Mikhailovich - statesman and politician, diplomat
Beria Lavrenty Pavlovich - state and political figure
Malenkov Georgiy Maximilianovich - statesman and politician
Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich - statesman and politician
Truman Harry - American statesman and politician
Churchill Winston Spencer - British statesman and politician
Shpinel Vladimir Semenovich - physicist
Brish Arkady Adamovich - physicist, designer
Dollezhal Nikolay Antonovich - the scientist-power engineer





Armament; Physics; Figures of science; Political figures; World War II
Defense and internal security; Science; Biography; Policy; History