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The search for the missing Amber Room.

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"Amber Cabinet" or "Amber Chamber" was created in the early 18th century, commissioned by the King of Prussia, Frederick I. His son - Friedrich Wilhelm I, who pinned his hopes On the military support of Russia, presented this masterpiece of German masters to the Russian emperor Peter the Great as a gift.

Video chronicle:

Preserved photos of the room.

Fragments of amber ornaments: panels, figurines, panels.

1941 year.

Fascist troops on the territory of the Soviet Union.

The city of Pushkin, devastated after the German attack, was the former Tsarskoe Selo, where the Amber Room was kept.

1941 year.

Koenigsberg (now Kaliningrad).

Fascist symbols.

Military march.

Photo of Gauleiter East Prussia Erich Koch.

The Royal Castle.

The German military takes out art objects packed in wooden boxes.

Soviet troops in Koenigsberg.

In the castle, where, supposedly, there was an Amber Room taken out of the Leningrad Region.

Inspection of the halls of the palace, cultural values.

Andrei Przhezdomsky says that Professor Alexander Bryusov, who was in charge of the search for valuables exported by the fascists, examined the Royal Castle burned in Koenigsberg, decided that the Amber Room had suffered the same fate.

However, after a detailed inspection, these assumptions were not confirmed.

Video chronicle:

Liberation battles near Koenigsberg.

The building of the Royal Castle.

Shooting of underground tunnels of the castle.

Valentin Erashev, in 1949 was a journalist of the newspaper "Kaliningrad truth".

He was invited to cover the work of the State Commission for the search for the Amber Room.

Interview with Veniamin Krolevsky, who headed the first search commission.

Describes his meeting with the secretary of the Obkom, Vladimir Shcherbakov, who handed over Stalin's personal request to organize the search for the lost room.

Andrei Przhezdomsky talks about his meeting with members of the commission for the return of stolen valuables: Anatoly Kuchumov and Maria Popova.

He narrates how the work was conducted to detect possible secret tunnels in the dungeons of the Royal Castle of Kenigsberg (Kaliningrad).

Viktor Kuptsov demonstrates a metal frame, with which, according to him, you can find a lost room.

Valentin Yerashov tells about the existence of many versions of the burial of the Amber Room.

On the participation of the KGB and just adventurers in search works.

Video chronicle:

Sentenced to life imprisonment, staying in a Polish prison Erich Koch gives interviews, walks around the prison yard.

He made a proposal for a deal: he discovers where the Amber Room is located, and he is given the opportunity to go to the FRG.

The deal fell through.

Koch with Hitler, with children.

Tomb of Koch.

Andrei Przhezdomsky and Viktor Kuptsov say that they cleaned up, there was a lack of simple equipment and labor, in those places where prospecting works were conducted.

Video Chronicles:

The headquarters of the Hitlerite troops.

German soldiers are preparing for the defense of the city.

Piled up barricades in the streets.

German troops take pictures and other works of art, load them into a car, which would be reburied in secret places.

Alexander Konyukhov talks about the searches that were conducted in the Kaliningrad region in 1988.

Video chronicle:

Excavations in the former brewery Ponart (Kaliningrad).

German specialists work at the excavations.

Ivan Koltsov tells how the entrogeoscope determined large deposits of amber in the ground near Kaliningrad with the help of the device.

Alexander Konyukhov, answering the question about the cost of the Amber Room, in case of its discovery, notes that jewelry amber, like any mineral, has its own useful life.

And even before the war, the staff of the museum, every day to collect pieces of rock, flaking from the interior of the room.


Przhezdomsky Andrey - Candidate of Historical Sciences. Erashov Valentin - a member of the Commission in 1949 to search for the Amber Room. Krolevsky Veniamin is the former Second Secretary of the Kaliningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU. Kuptsov Victor - participant of search expeditions of the 1960s to discover the lost Amber Room. Konyukhov Alexander - participant of the search group of the 1980s. The lost Amber Room. Koltsov Ivan is a psychic.

Calendar: 09/12/1998

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