Fighter Pilots (1973)

Documentary №7362, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:41
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Galin I.
Screenwriters:Dunin P.
Camera operators:Osipov I.
Anouncers:Khmara L.
Text authors:Nikolaev L.


The film tells about the life and military stidy of six pilots from divisions of the guard figher aviation unit commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Falameev. (Ministry of defence of the USSR).

Temporary description:

The pilots - fighters one part of the Air Forces of the USSR at the airport ready to fly, the aircraft lifted into the air. Pilots in the classroom, on physical examination, preparing for political studies in the red corner, engaged in physical training in the gym, make parachute jumps. Wedding of one of the pilots. Pilots on vacation.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fighter pilots aviation unit of the Guards are ready to fly - wearing headsets, sit in the cockpit, lowered guards on headset - medium, large plans.

The technician inspects the aircraft before flight, helps the pilot to close the cabin - medium, large plans.

Fly jet fighter aircraft - medium, large plans.

Pilot in the cockpit during the flight - big plans.

Planes in the air stunt - a common, average plans.

Radar at the airport - the average plan.

Radio operator at the machine - big plans.

Flies "four" planes, the plane in the sky - medium, large plans.

Screen locator caught for - average plans.

The plane leaves at the target - the average plan.

The explosion in the air - the average plan.

Landing jet - the average plan.

Near the aircraft pilots talk - A panorama.

The commander of the aviation unit, the master of aviation sports, Lieutenant Colonel George Lalaev near the aircraft talking to the pilots of his squadron - close-up.

Barb P. and G. Lalaev at a table in the classroom - the average plan.

The regimental commander, Colonel D. Falameev conducts classes on combat tactics - the average plan.

G. Lalaev parses aircraft engine in the classroom for the study of the material - the average view.

D. Falameev in the class at the blackboard - a large, common plans.

Pilots in the red corner make a wall newspaper - A panorama.

Newspaper - close-up.

B. and P. Grabovetskaya Barb in the red corner - the average plan.

G. Lalaeva pilots units in service, on physical examination, in training - jumping on the trampoline, lessons on the equipment, jumping from the tower with a parachute - medium, large, general plans.

G. Zadvinsky with the bride in the registry office, the bride wears the flowers at the Eternal Flame - large, medium plans.

Zadvinsky with the bride at the Eternal Flame - close-up.

The monument to the dead pilots - close-up.

Pilots of laying flowers at the monument - medium, large plans.

Moscow regional landscapes - the river and the field - the general plan.

The pilots and their wives going to the river - close-up.

Six planes in the air - the general plan.

Earth from the air - the general plan.

Trees on a cliff, the panorama of sky - an outline.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Celebration of aviation in the Cuban garrison - the pilots in the ranks, the commander of the order led pilots - medium, large plans.

The standard-bearers are carrying the banner of the Guards, a military band played, pilots systems pass the podium; high command on the podium - average plans.

Watching young children - close-up.

Meeting pilots on the tarmac with the thrice Hero of the Soviet Union, Ivan Kozhedub - average plans.

Plane on takeoff - the overall plan.

Flies "four" aircraft - the overall plan.

The unit commander Lt.

Col. D. Falameev gives commands from the ground through a microphone - big plans.

"Quartet" performs aerobatics - the general plan.

Pilots L. Lalaeva units are on the airfield - the overall plan.

Lalaev wearing headset - close-up.

Other pilots headsets button up - close-up.

Flies "six" aircraft - the overall plan.

"Six" in the air performs aerobatics - general plans.

Pilots in the forest on a picnic - the average plan.

B. Grabovetskaya with his wife on a picnic - a large pan.

P. Barb with son in a meadow of flowers - A panorama.

D. Falameev on holiday - close-up.

G. Lalaev my wife goes through the forest - the overall plan.

"Six" in the air - the general plan.

Pilot in the cockpit in the air - close-up.

Group of pilots is on the airfield - the overall plan.

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