How it was 12/26/1999 (1999)

Telecast №73633, 1 part, duration: 0:35:07
Production: VID
Anchor:Shklovskij Oleg


The true story of the gang "Black Cat".

Reel №1

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A cult Soviet film "The meeting place can not be changed" tells of the fearsome bandit group "Black Cat".

The authors of the novel, on which the script was written, the Vainers brothers were well acquainted with the characters of the film: Sharapov and Zheglov.

The program reconstructs the events of 1946.

In the studio prototypes of actors Vladimir Vysotsky and Vladimir Konkin.

Fragments of the movie "The meeting place can not be changed" (director Stanislav Govorukhin).

Edward Khrutsky tells how, with a company of adolescents, hearing about the "Black Cat", they every day displayed the symbolism of the animal on the door of the director of the food industry that he hated.

For that they were detained by the police as members of the gang.

No punishment followed.

The young people were released.

Khrutsky talks about the origin of the "Black Cat".

Who was its organizers.

Photo album: pictures of participants of all groups, who were known as "Black Cat".

Newsreel 30-s: Soviet construction (White Sea-Baltic Canal).

Fragments of Soviet movies of various years about the valiant detectives.

Vladimir Arapov, who became the prototype of the heroic detective Sharapov, tells how he came to work in the Criminal Investigation Department.

Enumerates the events of his professional career, which are included in the Viner artwork.

Demonstrates photographs of physical evidence, pictures of participants in real events - prototypes of screen heroes.

Vladimir Chvanov talks about his work at the Moscow Interior Ministry.

He remembers the first thing he discovered: stealing a coat from a tram conductor.

He compares the crimes screened in the film and the events that actually happened.

Vladimir Arapov talks about the really existing large bandit groups that were operating in Moscow and carrying out armed attacks on the outlets.

Alexander Gelfreich describes the operations carried out by operational agencies on the introduction of MUR agents into bandit groups.

He speaks about the dangers of these events.

Vladimir Chvanov tells how he himself had to be introduced into one of the gangster groups.

George and Arkady Vainer, authors of the detective novel "Era of Mercy", on which the film was shot, tell why the name was changed.


Edward Khrutsky is a writer. Chvanov Vladimir - Colonel, Honored Worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, former head of the special operations department of the Main Directorate of the Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, Zheglov's prototype from the movie "The meeting place can not be changed." Arapov Vladimir - a police colonel, an Honored Worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a former investigator of the Moscow Security Ministry, a prototype of Sharapov from the movie "A meeting place can not be changed." Gelfreich Alexander - former deputy head of the Moscow Security Ministry. Weiner Georgy is a writer. Weiner Arkady is a writer.

Calendar: 12/26/1999

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