Women's stories 01/04/1999 (1999)

Telecast №73641, 1 part, duration: 1:00:02
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Pushkina Oksana


New Year's issue.

Reel №1

The heroines of the programs of the past year took part in the New Year's release: Galina Volchek, Irina Ponarovskaya, Larisa Dolina, Tatyana Bure, Larisa Latynina, Irina Gribulina, Nadezhda Babkina, Lyudmila Rutskaya, Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, Ekaterina Lakhova, Natalia Bestemyanova, Edita Pyekha, Ilona Bronevitskaya.

In suburban village Slavin, at the festive table, women escorted the outgoing year, share a good mood and good wishes to the viewers.

Horse harness.

In the open wagon Oksana Pushkin and the heroine of "Women's stories."

Participants of the program recall Galina Starovoitova (1946 - 1998).

A requiem in the church.

Fragment of the program "Women's stories" with Galina Starovoitova.

Fragment of the program with Irina Ponarovskaya (July 1998).

The story of the adopted daughter Betty is told.

Irina continues this story at the New Year's table.

Describes her meeting with the girl, 13 years later.

Interview with Betty.

Irina Ponarovskaya on the stage.

Interview with hockey player Pavel Bure - the son of Tatyana Bure.

Fragment of the program with Tatyana Bure (February 1998).

At the festive table, Tatiana announces that she has become a grandmother.

Photo of granddaughter.

Larisa Dolina's music video.

Larissa talks about her relationship with her husband.

A video chronicle of performances by figure skaters Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev.

Fragment of the program "Women's History" with Irina Rodnina (December 1997).

Irina in training, at the rink.

Yuri Luzhkov, Irina Rodnina, Oksana Pushkina.

Plans for the construction of the Ice Palace of Irina Rodnina in Moscow.

Heroines of the program at the New Year's table perform the song "Lights so many gold" (synchronously).

Fragment of the program "Women's History" with the participation of Galina Volchek (January 1998).

Director on the stage of "Contemporary", after the premiere of the play, with the actors at the rehearsal.

Music video of Christina Orbakaite.

Fragment of the recording of the program (November 1997).

Alla Borisovna with her daughter.

Kristina at the lesson of choreography, at the rehearsal, in the recording studio.

Video recording of New Year's wishes of Christina Orbakaite.

Fragment of the program "Women's History" with Larisa Latynina (March 1998).

At the festive table he shares his family happiness.

Fragments of the video chronicle: performances and rewarding gymnasts.

Fragment of the program "Women's History" with the participation of Irina Gribulina (June 1998).

Fragment of recording the program with Dolores Kondrashova (December 1997).

Participation of Russia in the world championship on hairdresser's art in Seoul 1998.

Sergei Zverev - one of the contestants, creates a hairstyle for the model.

Russian team of hair stylists.

Announcement of the victory of Russia.

Video of congratulations Dolores on the New Year.

Musical video of Nadezhda Babkina.

The singer at the festive table talks about her personal life.

Fragment of the program with Elena Vodorezova (August 1998).

A video chronicle of skater performances at the championships in figure skating.

Video recording with New Year's greetings.

Fragment of "Women's stories" with Lyudmila Rutskoi (July 1998).

The music video of Laima Vaikule.

Fragments of the program "Women's History" with the participation of Lyme (December 1997).

Record of 1999: New Year's congratulations of the singer.

Fragment of the program with the participation of Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina (January 1998).

A video of the New Year's congratulation of the actress.

Fragment of "Women's stories" with Irene Fedorova (May 1998).

Video from the family archive of the Fedorov family.

A video of Ludmila Kuchma's congratulations on the New Year (in Ukrainian).

A music video from Sofia Rotaru.

The singer with Nadezhda Babkina, Laima Vaikule, Larisa Dolina, Irina Ponarovskaya, Alla Pugacheva.

Video recording of New Year's greetings to Sofia Rotaru.

Interview with Ruslan Evdokimenko.

Fragment of recording the program "Women's stories" with her participation (April 1998).

Congratulations to Rotaru and her family on the New Year.


Rodnina Irina is a coach, a multiple world champion in figure skating. Starovoitova Galina is a public and political figure. Orbakayte Christina is a pop singer, actress. Kondrashova Dolores is a hairdresser and designer. Elena Vodorezova is a figure skating coach. Vaikule Laima is a pop singer, actress. Fedorova Irene is the wife of ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fyodorov. Kuchma Ludmila is the wife of the president of Ukraine. Rotaru Sofia is a pop singer. Evdokimenko Ruslan is a music producer, the son of Sofia Rotaru. Volchek Galina is an actress of theater and cinema, a theater director. Ponarovskaya Irina is a pop singer, actress. Valley Larissa - jazz singer, actress. Bure Tatyana is the mom of hockey player Pavel Bure. Latynina Larissa is a repeated world champion in gymnastics. Gribulina Irina is a composer, poetess, singer. Babkina Hope is a pop singer. Rutskaya Lyudmila is the wife of Alexander Rutskoi. Fedoseeva-Shukshuina Lydia is a Soviet and Russian actress of theater and cinema. Lakhova Ekaterina is a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Bestemyanova Natalia - Olympic champion in figure skating. Piedha Edita is a pop singer. Bronevitskaya Ilona is a singer.

Calendar: 01/04/1999

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