How it was 01/16/1999 (1999)

Telecast №73652, 1 part, duration: 0:37:50
Production: VID
Anchor:Shklovskij Oleg

Reel №1

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Theme of the program "War with Holland.

The Indonesian crisis. 1962. "

Newsreels B / W - Demonstrations in Asia, military equipment, missiles, Castro Fidel, visit of the President of Indonesia Sukarno to Moscow meeting with Khrushchev Nikita.

Chupshev Eugene speaks about the number of Soviet military advisers in Indonesia in 1962 and Indonesia's appeal to the USSR with a request to provide military assistance in the war with the Netherlands.

Newsreels B / B - military actions of NATO troops in Asian countries.

Chupshev Eugene and Targonin Gregory talk about the training of Soviet submarines and crews for the raid in Indonesia.

Melkov Gennady speaks about the aims of the campaign of Soviet submarines to Indonesia.

Targonin Grigory and Ryzhikov Rudolf talk about the day of sailing to Indonesia.

Newsreel B / W - President Kennedy, Soviet military aircraft, submarines, warships, naval landing.

Targonin Grigory and Ryzhikov Rudolph talk about the progress of the raid in Indonesia.

Newsreel B / B - the UN building, President Kennedy, warships, Khrushchev Nikita.

Targonin Grigory and Ryzhikov Rudolph talk about the arrival of submarines in Indonesia and meeting with the Indonesian military, their salaries, communication with Indonesians, difficult work in the subtropics.

Newsreel B / W - submarines, warships.

Chupshev Eugene and Alexey Alexandrov speak about the conflict between Indonesia and Holland in 1962.

Ryzhikov Rudolph speaks of an emergency order from the headquarters.

Newsreel B / B - American aircraft carrier, aircraft.

Targonin Grigory and Ryzhikov Rudolph talk about returning to their homeland.


Chupshev Evgeny Konstantinovich - assistant naval attaché at the Soviet Embassy in Indonesia in 1962. Ryzhikov Rudolf Viktorovich - captain of the first rank in retirement, senior assistant to the commander of the submarine S-236 in 1962. Targonin Grigory Valentinovich - commander of the submarine S-292 in 1962. Melkov Gennady - captain of the third rank. Drugov Aleksey Yurievich - head of the group of military translators in Indonesia in 1962.

Calendar: 01/16/1999

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