How it was (1999) 08/21/1999

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Producer VID

Director: Mihail Barkan, Tatjyana Dmitrakova

Anchorperson: Oleg Shklovskij

Operators: Aleksandr Kolesnikov, Yurij Vazhnov, Dmitrij Popov, Aleksej Osaulenko, Iljya Papernov, Aleksandr Zhukovskij, Kirill Kornilov, Konstantin Kryakov, Vladimir Saulyak, Konstantin Fedorov, Vadim Novickij

Other authors: Stanislav Solovkin

Reel №1

Newsreel October 27, 1960: Farewell to the deceased Chief Marshal of Artillery Nedelin M.I.

Coffin with Nedelin's body.

Voroshilov KE, Furtseva EA, Shvernik NM In the guard of honor at the grave of the marshal.

The urn with Nedelina's ashes is carried to the Kremlin wall.

Sentry at the Kremlin wall, where the urn with Nedelin's ashes is buried.

Preparation of an intercontinental ballistic missile for launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome on October 24, 1960.

Internal view of the command post.

Types of launch pad during a rocket explosion, fire.

Elimination of a fire caused by a rocket explosion.

Academician Yangel M.K. Speaks from the rostrum, holds a meeting with the staff.

Amateur shooting of Yangel on vacation.

Khrushchev N.S. Is giving a speech in Paris in May 1960, next to Malinovsky R.Ya.

Preparation of missiles for launch.

The rocket designers Kim Khachaturyan, Boris Lavrenenko, Konstantin Luarsabov talk about their participation in the missile tests, about their whereabouts During the explosion, about the first impressions after the disaster, describe the pattern of events that took place on the launch pad on October 24, 1960, the consequences Catastrophe, the search for the body of Marshal Nedelin at the site of the disaster, the reaction of NS Khrushchev.

On the events that occurred, about possible versions and the real reason The catastrophe, the conclusions of the commission to investigate the causes of the disaster, the funeral of the victims of the disaster, the reaction of their relatives after receiving news About the catastrophe at Baikonur and the observance of the regime of secrecy, about the beginning of the tests for the launch of the new R-16 rocket.

A fragment from the film about the creation and launch of the new R-16 rocket.


Khrushchev Nikita Sergeevich - statesman and politician
Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich - statesman and politician, military leader
Furtseva Ekaterina Alekseevna - state and political figure
Shvernik Nikolai Mikhailovich - state and political figure
Malinovsky Rodion Yakovlevich - military commander
Yangel Mikhail Kuzmich - the designer of rocket and space complexes





Armament; Space troops and air defense; Political figures; Defense and internal security; Man-made disasters; Figures of science