Politburo 09/10/1992 (1992)

Telecast №73869, 1 part, duration: 0:31:11
Production: VID
Anchor:Politkovsky Aleksander

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Information collection of current events: the resignation of Arkady Murashov; The court in Riga over the former OMON-sheep Sergei Parfenov - a telephone connection with his wife Olga; help for homeless puppies; the appearance of not certified cognac in Moscow stalls.

Alexander Politkovskiy talks about the possible removal of the Politburo program from the air, read out a quotation from Peter Shelest about Leonid Brezhnev.

White Book:

The plot of the demand for money for interviews by some statesmen from foreign journalists.

The prison building.

Guard in the corridors.

The door to the cell opens.

Interview with Valentin Stepankov, who became a figurant of this case.

The inscription on the checkpoint: "General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation".

Interview with Laurie Hayes, journalist "The wall street journal" (synchronously, in English).

Interview with the employee of the newspaper "Newsday", who did not give her name.

Logo "Spiegel TV".

Dmitry Yazov in the frame.

New York.

The city from the height of flight.

Around the Statue of Liberty.

Selection of various sports.

Interview with John Dulberg, correspondent of "Los Algeles Times".

Launch a rocket from the Baikonur cosmodrome.


The Kremlin - a general panorama with the flight.

Buildings of the hotel "Ukraine", "Government House".

Guest studio Pavel Gutiontov.

Interview with a journalist.

Continuation of the topic payment of cash awards for the interview.

Pavel Gutionov speaks about the reluctance of the media to conflict with the authorities, the lack of an objective public opinion in the country.

Continuation of the plot about paid interviews with the involvement of representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

Synchronous journalist "The Philadelphia Inquirer" Fen Monteine.

The journalist, for visiting the tank division in Nizhny Novgorod, was asked to pay $ 300.

Telephone communication with the representative of the press service of the division.

Video chronicle: the military part of the missile troops, missile system, control panel.

Standing journalist Andrei Kalitin in front of the Ministry of Defense.

Synchronous journalist Bernard Cohen (edition of "Liberation").

Videorecording: Boris Yeltsin on a warship meets with the command of the Russian Navy.

Synchronous journalist Michael Dubs from the "Washington post" (synchronously in English), refused to pay for the interview.

Interview with Marco Politi, president of the Association of Foreign Correspondents in Moscow.

Government ZIL enters through the gates into the Kremlin.

Parked government ZILs.

Large - the Russian flag on the Senate building at night.

The escort leaves the Kremlin (evening shooting).

The American dollar is a freeze-frame large.

Continuation of the interview with Pavel Gutiontov.

Talk about the role and place of the press in the ranks of the existing authorities.

Video (Eddychka's heading) about the purchase by a Moscow family of a pair of sneakers for a daughter.

Shoe shop.

The seller offers buyers shoes to try on.

Price lists in thousandth equivalent (large).

Interview with the buyer of sneakers Akinfeeva.

The story of the return of sneakers, after they were rendered unfit after four days of wearing.

In the commercial store, they refused to exchange the goods.

Tips for buying quality shoes.

Dissatisfied buyers of low-quality sneakers give interviews on the street.

A staging game story from the life of Eddie, like leaky sneakers, ruined his life.

Animated column "News" PB. "

The painted character in a humorous manner speaks of current events: the strike of air traffic controllers, the sale of the ships of the Ukrainian Navy, Boris Yeltsin and Ruslan Khasbulatov at the festival "Musical Autumn"; The constituent conference of the National Salvation Front in Zhukovsky (interview with Victor Alksnis on his possible appointment as Minister of Defense).

A music video for the song of the songwriter Vadim Dobuzhsky.


Gutiontov Pavel - journalist, chairman of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Speech and the Rights of Journalists. Stepankov Valentin - Prosecutor General of the RSFSR.

Calendar: 10/09/1992

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