How it was 10.04.1999 (1999)

Telecast №73917, 1 part, duration: 0:36:47
Production: VID
Anchor:Shklovsky Oleg


Race of arms: Star Wars, 1959.

Reel №1

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Video chronicle:

The first flight of man into space.

Yuri Gagarin, Sergei Korolev before the launch of the rocket.

Universal rejoicing.

Yuri Gagarin reports Nikita Khrushchev (next to Leonid Brezhnev).

Solemn rally on Red Square.

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is welcomed in foreign countries.

Military tests to launch ballistic missiles.

Development of "space defense" systems.

Graphical work: the "Proton" system in action.

Command console for launching missiles.

The peaceful action of the Soviet cosmonaut's flight turned into a military arms race.

The program is dedicated to the work of the NGO "OKB-52", which was classified for many years, headed by academician Vladimir Chelomey.

Vladimir Polyachenko gives a description of the state of the military-industrial complex in the USSR.

Employees of the OKB, on the instructions of the government, developed a system of space anti-missile defense.

Anatoly Blagov talks about the potential threats that could arise in connection with the development of outer space by other states, in particular the United States.

The first maneuvering unmanned vehicle OKB, designed to detect potential threats coming from space was - "Polet-1."

Video chronicle:

The newspaper Pravda (issue of November 2, 1963) reports on the withdrawal of the station "Flight-1" into space.

Graphic work demonstrating the technical capabilities of the device.

Layout "Flight-1".

Leonid Shelepin tells about the beginning of work on the development and creation of the global space complex "Almaz" (since 1964).

Leonid Shelepin tells about the purpose and technical capabilities of "Diamond", clearly demonstrating the layout installed in the studio program.

Video chronicle:

Orbital station "Almaz" in a production hangar.

Vladimir Chelomei.

Launch of the orbital station Salyut-1 - created on the basis of "Almaz" in the KB Mishina.

A year later, modified at the Chelomei Design Bureau, the orbital station Almaz was launched into space under the name Salyut-2.

Start of the orbital station Salyut-3.

On board the cosmonauts: Pavel Popovich and Yury Artyukhin.

Newspapers with information messages about the launch of the station.

Pavel Popovich talks about the purpose of the flight "Salute", about the dual purpose of the station.

I remember what tasks were put before the astronauts.

Vladimir Polyachenko emphasizes that the development of "Salutes" were conducted during the Cold War, so the station provided for the deployment of defensive weapons on its board.

Leonid Shelepin talks about the pre-installed at the station security system, which assumed its self-destruction in case of interception of the station.

Pavel Popovich speaks of a constant rivalry with the United States and that during the Cold War these stations were necessary, despite their high cost.

Max Karataev (from the auditorium), talks about the selection of a special squad of cosmonauts in 1968, at the request of Vladimir Chalomey.

Alexey Grichannik and Valery Romanov - the pilots who passed the selection and entered the special squad of cosmonauts, the so-called detachment of Chelomey, tell how they got into the detachment, about training, and continuous preparations for the flight.

Pavel Popovich on the salary of Soviet cosmonaut pilots.

Video chronicle:

Training squad of cosmonauts Vladimir Chelomey.

The tragic death of the Salyut-11 crew during the landing in 1971.

Cosmonauts are provided with medical care.

The bodies of the dead Vladislav Volkov, Victor Patsaev, Georgy Dobrovolsky at the landing site of the descent vehicle.

The case of the death of astronauts served as a launch for the development of personal protective equipment for pilots.

Video chronicle:

Tests of missiles, work in design bureau.

Orbital station "Almaz" in a production hangar.

Information about the closure of the project.

Vladimir Chelomey with cosmonauts, with designers.

American President Ronald Reagan speaks on television.


Blagov Anatoly - employee of the NGO "Mechanical Engineering" (OKB-52). Polyachenko Vladimir - employee of the NGO "Mechanical Engineering" (OKB-52) (he worked there since 1952). Shelepin Leonid - employee of the NGO "Mechanical Engineering" (OKB-52). Popovich Pavel is a USSR pilot-cosmonaut. Karataev Max is the head of the selection of a special cosmonaut detachment. Grechannik Alexey is a test cosmonaut of the USSR. Romanov Valery is a test cosmonaut of the USSR.

Calendar: 10.04.1999

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