theme 03/16/1999 (1999)

Telecast №74022, 1 part, duration: 0:36:53
Production: VID
Anchor:Gusman Yuliy

Reel №1

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The work of the Information Agency "ITAR-TASS"


Tape of teletype.

Information showcase.

Work of the Agency's staff: news editors, photo service.

The program was recorded in the ITAR-TASS building.

Vitaly Ignatenko talks about the advent of a new era, in connection with the emergence of new information technologies.


The history of the first telegraph agencies in Russia.

Black and white chronicle: the streets of St.

Petersburg, Moscow, photos.

Employees of the agency work behind the monitors.

The work of the teletype.

Photos of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky (who dedicated poetry to the "fact").

Works of photojournalists of the Agency.

Alexander Savenko talks about the work of news agencies in Ukraine, points to a large number of representatives of various media, the lack of exchange of print publications with Russia.

Interview with Nicolas Miletic, according to which the news in Russia is much more interesting than in France.



Press Center of the US President.

Journalists attend the press conference of the official representative of the White House.

PJ Crowley - an interview (about the work of ITAR-TASS).

Interview (in the studio) with the journalist "ITAR-TASS" Nikolai Zheleznov.

He recalls how in 1966 they conducted a reportage of the ceremony of reburial of the ashes of the Unknown Soldier, using telephone booths (payphones) in Moscow.

Vitaly Ignatenko recalls the events of 1993, when armed people, having penetrated and seizing the Agency building, tried to force TASS employees to pass information on the President's breakdown of his obligations.

Alexander Nechaev, continuing the topic, tells how an operation was conducted to release ITAR-TASS employees.


Congratulations on the 90th anniversary of Anna Grigorieva, the oldest ITAR-TASS employee (she led all the reports from the Nuremberg trials in Germany).

Professional merit correspondent.

Yoshida Shigeuki (in the studio) is arguing on the topic whether the electronic media will not be squeezed out printed.

Alex Koifman about the advantage of paper book editions over electronic ones.

Interview with Yasen Zasursky.


The correspondent of ITAR-TASS in Japan, Vasily Golovnin, tells the story of the appearance of the TASS representative office in Japan.

Tokyo Branch of TASS.

Work of an information bureau.

The oldest worker of Tokyo branch of TASS Matsumoto San was awarded with a high award - the Order of Friendship between Russia and Japan.

The participants of the program talk about what is an information event, they talk about the ways of sending news.

Speech by Igor Schegolev in the studio.

Interview with Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov on the interaction of the press center of the Foreign Ministry and the Tass.

Michal Broniatowski talks about the dangers faced by journalists.

The importance of dedicating this profession.

Nikolai Zagnojko points out the need for a conscientious and objective transfer of information material.

For a long time, the reporter was in captivity during the conflict in Chechnya.

Vitaly Ignatenko on the interaction with colleagues from the former Soviet Union countries of the existence of the USSR.

Describes the work of the Union of Telegraph Agencies.


Savenko Alexander - Director General of the State Information Agency of Ukraine "Dinau". Zasursky Yasen is the dean of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. Broniatowski Michal is the head of the Reuters news agency in Russia. Miletich Nicolas is the director of the Agence France-Presse in Moscow. Jianwei Gong is a press attache of the Chinese Embassy in Russia. Ignatenko Vitaly - head of the Itar-Tass. Nechaev Alexander - editor-in-chief of the agency of the world service of ITAR-TASS. Yoshida Shigeuki is the chief correspondent of the Moscow bureau "Kyodo Tsushin". Koyfman Alex is an American writer. Schegolev Igor - Head of the Government Information Department. Zagnoyko Nikolai - his own journalist ITAR-TASS.

Calendar: 03/16/1999

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