To Tell About Moscow (1973)

Documentary №7420, 6 parts, duration: 0:53:57
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gutman I.
Screenwriters:Radovskiy D.
Camera operators:Dobronickiy V., Usanov V.
Composers:Gedravichus L.
Anouncers:Khmara L., Khmara L.
Text authors:Ilinskiy V.


A film about the capital of the USSR - Moscow: Muscovites, their work and rest.

Temporary description:

Views of Moscow: streets, squares, buildings, urban transport on the streets, the work of the Moscow metro, the arrival of electric trains with passengers to the stations of the city, meeting passenger trains. Job food enterprises in Moscow: the production of dairy products, bread and confectionery. Production processes at industrial enterprises of the city: in a watch factory, one of the textile enterprises, the factory that manufactures televisions, one of the steelworks at its car factory. Lenin Komsomol, the construction of residential houses in Moscow. Museums in Moscow: the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin and the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Anton Chekhov and other types of the Moscow Kremlin, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a meeting of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The meeting in Moscow, the Congress of Peace Forces. Speech by Leonid Brezhnev. Muscovites on the streets, in shops. Opening in Moscow on 8-th International Film Festival. Receiving chairman of the executive committee of the Moscow Soviet VF Fisheries Delegation of Germany. Opening of the International exhibition "Car-73" in Sokolniki Park. Rest Muscovites on the Moscow River, visiting the bird market, a soccer match at Luzhniki, VDNH USSR, in the restaurant "Arbat". Meeting of the Presidium of the USSR. Among those present Academician MV Keldysh, NN Semenov. Work in the laboratories of the Institute Hydroproject, Physics Institute. Lebedev. The operations Academy A. Vishnevsky. Classes Moscow students in classrooms, laboratories, a library of them. Lenin. Moscow first graders go to school on September 1, involved in drawing lessons under the guidance of the teacher. Meeting at Sheremetevo Airport pianist Vladimir Viardo, just returned from the International Competition. 2-nd International Ballet Competition in Moscow. Speech contest winners V. Gordeeva, N. Pavlova at the Bolshoi Theater (synchronously).

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The film is about the capital of the USSR: its people, their labor and leisure.

The Sheremetyevo Airport.

The details of the landed aircrafts.

The aircraft “TU” is landing with the burning headlights.

A panorama of a control panel in the compartment of the aircraft.

The Moskva River.

The view of the hotel “Rossiya” ["Russia"] from the Moskva River.

The barge is sailing.

A fisherman is filling the fishing rod up.

Buildings (shot through the parapet of a bridge).

The bridge through the Moskva River; the sunrise on the background.

A high-rise building on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment.

Buses are standing; the bloomy branches are in front of them.

Foreign aircrafts are landing on the airfield.

An Indian aircraft is taxing out.

A panorama of riders passing on the horses in the park.

A poplar branch.

A pelican is landing onto the water.

A polar bear is lying on the back.

The birds of prey are in a cage.

A bird with a cockscomb.

A female camel with a camel cub.

A snout of the camel (in the cell).

A panorama of standing trolley buses and a driver who is fastening the arcs.

A panorama of the driver getting into the bus.

The trolley bus without the passengers is going.

The driver Pavel Fedorovich Kashkin is conducting the trolley bus.

The trolley bus is passing by.

A motor boat is passing under the bridge through the Moskva River.

People are standing on the escalator of the metro, at the turnstiles.

The turnstiles of the “Turgenevskaya” metro station on the screen of a TV set.

A control panel in the metro: television screens and an operator at the console.

A machinist is conducting a metro train.

A railroad car of a train is moving (shot through the columns of the “Mayakovskaya” metro station).

The vestibule of the “Arbatskaya” metro station.

A train is passing by.

A metro bridge (a high-rise building and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) can be seen); a train is on the bridge.

People are going out of the metro.

People are going to work.

A man is reading in motion.

People are passing by a stand with photographs and letters of the AZLK (Automobile Factory of the Lenin’s Komsomol (Lenin Young Communist League)).

People are going downstairs.

A station, people are walking on the platform; a train is standing.

Road traffic in the downtown.

High-rise and contemporary buildings.

The buildings, the Kremlin is seen far from there.

A motor boat is riding off from under the bridge; the Kremlin tower.

The hotel “Russia”, trees are in front of it.

Moscow; a bridge over the Moskva River.

Another view of that.

The square before the Yaroslavl railroad station.

The train is approaching the platform of the Kiev railroad station.

An inscription: “Verkhovina” on a railroad car.

A man and a boy are hugging; women are kissing on the platform.

Young people are on the platform.

The annular road, a transport junction.

Cars are going along the highway; the forest is along the both sides of it.

The inscriptions "Moscow" are located on the different boundaries of the city.

The motor ship “N. V. Gogol” is going.

Seamen are in the felling.

Cranes are in the Khimki river port.

Barges are in the port.

The workers of the port: a rigger, a crane driver, etc. are working.

A forklift truck is working and passing by.

A panorama on the passenger automobiles.

A panorama of a crane raising the boxes.

Automation line at the dairy plant in Ochakovo; milk is being filled into the bottles.

Kefir [yogurt] bottles are automatically sealed up.

Dietetic cottage cheese is in the packing.

Bottles are on the conveyor, a female worker is standing.

Bread-baking plant #5 in Krasnaya Presnya, dough is in the vat.

A loaf is on the conveyor.

The confectionery factory “Krasny Oktyabr” [“Red October”], bars of chocolate, toffees are on the conveyor.

Packing of chocolate bars, “Puss-Puss” toffees.

A female worker is at the control panel.

A hand is on the panel.

Chocolate bars named “Nu pogodi” [“Just, you wait” – a name of children cartoon about a wolf and a hare] are on the moving conveyor line

A panorama of a soft toy factory, toys from the artificial fur - puppies, bears, etc. are on the conveyor.

Watches of different models.

A panorama of the banner of the association of Communist Labor and Lenin’s portrait are in the assembly work shop of the watch factory.

Girls are gathering the watches.

Faces, hands of the female workers.

The details of the watches.

The looms are working.

The threads are moving.

Girls are at work in the weaving work shop.

Cloths are on the machine tools.

A panorama of the spinning mill.

A panorama of the colored television sets assembling work shop; the kinescopes are rotating.

The components of the television sets.

A worker is checking the quality of the images.

The rolling work shop of the “Serp I Molot” [“a sickle and a hammer”] factory - incandescent ingots are moving; the steel strips.

The machine is pouring admixtures into the furnace.

The faces of the steel founders.

The steel founder Deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Victor Klyuev is working.

Steel is flowing.

The welders are working.

The metro builders are working.

Cadre metro builder, the brigade leader B. Katamanin is talking with the members of the brigade.

A panorama of the assembly work shop of the Moscow Small-displacement motor vehicles factory.

A body of a car on the conveyor.

The main conveyor

Young workers are at work.

A finished “Moskvich” [“Muscovite”] car is leaving the plant.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Moving construction panel - general panorama (removed from the cab of the crane).

The rise of the panel - the general panorama.

The panel is loaded on the machine - the general panorama.

Pulls prefab - general panorama.

Construction site, view on the crane - general plans.

Panel in the air - the general panorama.

Crane operator in the cab - the average plan.

Building a house - general panorama.

Builders at work - the panorama.

Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, the Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy district council, Officer of the Order of Lenin Vladimir E. Kopelev at work on the construction site - medium, large panorama.

New areas of Moscow - the general panorama of the apple from the branch to the street of the city - panorama.

General plans of Moscow's departure.

Streets of Moscow - the general plan.

New homes - panorama, general plans.

Centenarian pensioner Alexander Skucharevsky in his office at the table - a common, average plans.

Books on the history of Moscow and the manuscript on the table - panorama.

Window of the house, leaving the old log house - the average plan.

Old streets of Moscow - the general plan.

City center, visible Razin street and the hotel "Russia" - the general plan.

Black-and-white newsreel prerevolutionary:

Emblem of the Russian Empire in the building - close-ups.

Grinder with a parrot - the average plan.

Street of old Moscow, go and there are people on the bench, the words "stick" - the general plan.

People sit in the car, the car drives off - panorama.

Old market, selling home-made toys - the average plan.

Market, dirt, are women wearing shawls - general plans.

It takes a priest - the overall plan.

The people in the area - the general panorama.

Wooden embankment of the Moscow River, the panorama of the house - the general plan.

Turn to a pawn shop - general plans.

People on carts - general panorama.

Horses - close-up.

Conca, people running behind - panorama.

Writer Leo Tolstoy and his family enters the gate of his home in Moscow - the general panorama.

Are Tolstoy, his wife, the Countess and others - the average, the overall plan.


Tolstoy's house in Moscow - the average plan, departure, the window of the house - close-up.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin on Pushkin Square - general plans.

Gogol monument in the courtyard on Suvorov Boulevard - large, the overall plan.

A plaque with the inscription: "In this house from 1843 to 1846. living writer Alexander Herzen "- general plans.

Herzen House - general plans.

A sign on the door, "Dr.

Anton Chekhov" - the average plan.

Chekhov House on Sadovaya - general plans.

House Gorky - the general plan, impact.

PNRM. a bust of Fyodor Chaliapin in the inscription: "In this house from 1910 to 1922. lived and worked great Russian artist Fyodor Chaliapin "- close-up.

Museum of Fine Arts Pushkin (on Volkhonka exterior of the building) - the general plan.

The central hall of the museum - the general plan.

Visitors view an exhibition of treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb - the average plan.

Jewelry - large, medium plans.

Hall of the Tretyakov Gallery with ancient icons - general plans.

Room with pictures Surikov - general plans.

Apartment artist Apollinaris Vasnetsov - general panorama.

Painting by Viktor Vasnetsov, devoted old Moscow (Kremlin, etc.) - the average, the overall plan.

The Kremlin, lilac blooms - large, medium plans, departure, panorama.

The Kremlin, churches, Ivan the Great Bell - general plans (with us).

The reflection in the windows of the domes of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses - general panorama.

The dome of the cathedral - the close-ups, departure.

Restoration of the dome (it is covered in gold) - large, medium panorama.

Hand paint gold dome - the close-up.

Bell - big plans.

The Kremlin (through the embrasure of the tower) - General plans.

View of the Tsar Cannon - average plans.

Tourists visiting the gun - the middle ground, the bell - a common, average plans.

Cathedral Square - the general panorama, shot from the top point.

Tourists at the Cathedral Square - general panorama.

Has machines and departure for St.

Basil's Cathedral - the general plan.

Spasskaya Tower - the general plan.

People pass by the Kremlin - general panorama.

Monument to Lenin in the Kremlin - general plans, departure.

Cabinet of Lenin in the Kremlin - the average, the overall plan.

Desktop Lenin - panorama.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - general plans, departure, impact.

The Kremlin wall - the average plan.

May Day demonstration in Red Square, carrying a banner with the words "Hero City of Moscow" - the general plans, departure.

Brezhnev, NV Podgorny, Kosygin on the mausoleum - the average plan.

Demonstration, carrying a banner with the image of Lenin to his full height - medium, the general plans.

Hitting the Spassky tower chimes at 12:00 - Medium shot.

Move the bell chimes - panorama.

Chimes - close-up.

Black-and-white newsreel:

Lenin stands on Red Square, at the opening of a temporary monument to Stepan Razin (1/5-1919) - the average plan.

Universal Military Training parade on Red Square - general plans.

Lenin on the military parade of the Universal Military Training (25/5-1919g.) - Average plans.

Demonstration on Red Square, sneaked mask cartoons in foreign bourgeois figures (20 years) - the general panorama.

Parade, horse rides - general plans.

The demonstration, which are carried through slogans, a large globe - average plans.

The demonstration in 30 years - the general panorama, from the top point.

Drove a tractor on it a banner reading "144 is - would be and more" - general panorama.

Military banner reading "Defend Moscow" - the average plan.

Moscow Street in obstacles - panorama.

Parade in Red Square on November 7, 1941 - general panorama.

Victory Day parade on Red Square on June 24, 1945 - general panorama.

Soviet soldiers throwing Nazi banners at the Mausoleum of Lenin - the average plan.

Lying fascist banners - general panorama.


Birch - Medium shot (shot from the bottom up).

Forest Flowers - large, the overall plan.

Moscow (removed from the Lenin Hills) - the general plan.

Monuments to the heroes of World War II near Moscow: antitank "hedgehogs" on the Leningrad highway (23-km) flight on a pedestal with the inscription "brave defenders of Moscow sky" (Minsk highway, 96-km) tank on a pedestal (a monument to the soldiers of 5 - Second Army, Minsk highway, 72-km) and the other - different plans.

(All plans - summer).,

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


A coffin with a helmet, where the ashes of the unknown warrior were buried.

The coffin is being transported through Moscow, along Gorky Street.

A panorama of the funeral procession (the coffin and the guard of honor) passing along the Red Square.

A memorial board on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with an inscription “Your name is unknown, your feat is immortal.

To the fallen for the Motherland in 1941-1945” (December 1966).

The eternal fire is burning on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin wall.

People are near the tomb.

Women are crying, men with the orders.

A panorama of women - the former front line soldiers – laying the flowers to the tomb.

An aged woman is laying flowers and bowing.

Flowers on the grave.

A queue near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

A panorama of meetings of former front line soldiers in Moscow on May 2-9: women are in the square near the Bolshoi Theater; in Izmailovsky Park, etc., people are hugging.

The illuminated building of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Participants in the World Peace Congress are applauding.

Leonid Brezhnev, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party is appearing.

Flags of the countries members of the Congress.

Guests are applauding.

The hall with an emblem on the curtain.

Leonid Brezhnev, the General Secretary of the World Peace Congress R.Chandra and others are standing at the Presidium, joining the hands (October 1973.).

Academician D.V.Skobeltsyn is presenting the Lenin prize for strengthening of the peace between the peoples to Leonid Brezhnev, fastening the order.

Comrades V. Podgorny, A. N. Kosygin, M. A. Suslov, F. D. Cams and others are present at the awarding.

Guests are applauding (July 1973).

A panorama of the red tulips.

The leaves of a tree.

The traffic and pedestrians are on the background of the tulips.

Tulips and the apple trees are blooming.

The Kremlin, Cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed, the tulips.

The streets of Moscow seen through flowers of apple trees and cherries.

The center of Moscow

A panorama of girls walking in the park.

A girl is sitting on stairs.

Boys and girls are sitting on benches.

People are reading books.

A man is reading a book; a child is near in his carriage.

A panorama of a 3-years-old child crawling and running.

A panorama of a child being carried in a carriage.

A panorama of children’s motion.

A child is in the carriage under an umbrella.

Men and women are in the café.

A dog of a Japanese brood is at the owner’s feet.

A woman and a girl are buying flowers.

Lyric scenes: young pairs are standing, they are sitting on the bench, and they are passing along the street.

A boy with flowers is standing.

A girl is near a column of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Young people are near the Bolshoi Theatre.

People are in the streets of the city.

A shop window of the clothing store.

A shop window of the perfume store.

People are entering the shop.

People are in the streets.

A tourist is making a photo.

The building of the hotel “Russia” with flags of countries taking part in the 8 cross-national Cinema festival.

Girls are taking an actor’s autograph.

Girl is sorting out postcards with the portraits of the film actors.

Foreign actors taking part in the festival in the “Mosfilm” [“Moscow film studio”] are sitting around a samovar.

A panorama of a black boy with a Russian accordionist.

A panorama of an ensemble of the Russian native instruments playing.

The actresses from different countries are sitting.

Synchronous interviews about Moscow: a Vietnamese actress Cha Zhang, a Polish actress Pola Raksy, the American director Stanley Cramer.,

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Moscow city.

Traffic at the center.

Receiving the delegation of the Federative Republic of Germany in the Moscow City Council.

The chairman of the executive committee of the Moscow City Council V. F. Promyslov is receiving the delegation.

A woman – the chief of the FRG delegation is looking through an album.

A mock-up of future Moscow.

The Moscow city.

Lilacs are blooming.

A park with blooming trees; a building is seen far away.

A building of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.

Moscow; the Moskva River.

The Kremlin.

A panorama of a bridge through the Moskva River.

Cars in the Red Square; a panorama of the cupolas of Cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed.

Road traffic in the Sverdlov Square.

Pedestrians in the Gorky Street.

Young people are standing and passing by.

A woman with a letter is passing by.

Women are reading a letter.

Pedestrians near the pedestrian subway.

A shop window of a store, a taxi is near the shop window.

A trolley bus has stopped, passengers are entering the trolleybus.

Massive traffic on the streets of Moscow.

Cars are passing by the lawns and the trees.

Gorky Street.

A cab of a traffic controller.

A panorama of a typical centre of car technical service (on the Warsaw Highway).

A panorama of rotating wheels; a man at the steering wheel.

Workers of the service center are working.

A screen with an inscription “Moscow 1973”.

The flags of the international exhibition “Auto service – 73” (in the district of Sokolniki).

A panorama of the “Renault” (France) company pavilions; Bulgaria.

A panorama of the pavilion of the USSR.

A panorama of the cars.

A panorama of the visitors examining a lorry.

A bus.

A panorama of a sprinkler installation washing a car.

A panorama of a cleansing hall; a car is being cleaned.

A panorama of the visitors of the exhibition.

Children are at the exhibition.

A panorama of the family passing – parents, a girl and a child in a carriage.

A motor ship is riding along the river.

Passengers are on the motor boat (a girl, a child and others).

A child is sleeping in his carriage.

The water by the motor ship is seething.

A beach by a bridge through the Moskva River.

A girl is in the beach.

A girl is swimming on a mattress.

A dog is with a tongue hanged out.

Children are drinking fizzy water.

A girl is eating an ice-cream.

A boy and a girl are eating an ice-cream.

Attractions are at the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR – a merry-go-round, etc.

A panorama of the Bird market, doves on sale.

Customers are at the market, a boy is on the father’s shoulders.

A panorama of parrots in a cage.

A panorama of a boy carrying a cage with birds in it.

A man is catching a small fish by a net and examining the fish in a can.

A golden fish is in the can

A panorama of a woman and a girl with a puppy.

A panorama of the “Bird market”.

The “Luzhniki”stadium.

A panorama of the moments of the football match between Brazil and the USSR national teams.

Fans are on the platforms.

A fan is looking into the telescope.

A cloud is above the television tower in Ostankino.

It’s raining.

It is raining on the puddles.

A panorama of the girls running under the umbrella.

People are hiding from the rain.

People are under their umbrellas.

A panorama of the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR; the “Friendship of Peoples” fountain.

A girl and a military man are standing.

A man is making a girl’s photo.

A panorama of the Uzbeks passing by.

A panorama of the visitors of the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy.

A panorama of a child sleeping on the man’s shoulders.

The girls are looking.

Girls in hats are passing by.

A panorama of an aircraft, a rocket in the pavilion “Kosmos” [“Space”].

The pavillon “Kosmos”.

People are in the pavilion.

Newsreel of April 12, 1961.

A panorama of a flight of a rocket.

Control console is with the TV screens.

Yuri Gagarin is in the space-suit, on the TV screen.


People are on the Red Square.

Yuri Gagarin is on the tribune of the Mausoleum.

People are greeting Yuri Gagarin

A panorama of the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR; the pavilion "Kosmos".

Obelisk to the subjugators of the Space.

Bas-relief is on the obelisk.

Academician Korolev's bust is in the obelisk.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR - the general plan.

A sign on the building of the "Academy of Sciences of the USSR" - close-up.

Scientists climb the stairs - panorama.

Talking on the stairs and at the table academicians Basov, Blagonravov Kotel'nikov Keldysh, Aleksandrov, GK Skryabin, Sedov, V. Prokhorov, NN Semenov and others.

Laboratory of the Institute of Biochemistry, Vernadsky (shot through glass) - panorama.

Scientist writes the result of experience - the average plan.

Laboratory for the study of the lunar soil - general plans.

Hands in leather gloves take tweezers and put into a test tube lunar soil - close-up.

Laboratory technicians at work - big plans.

Laboratory Institute "Hydroproject" - the general plan.

Boiling water on the installation - close-up.

Setting the huge electromagnet - the average plan.

Installation of electrical systems - panorama.

Institute for High Temperatures, fitters at work - the average plan.

Electrical installation - MHD generator - general panorama.

The test setup, a man says into the microphone - the close-up.

Scientific staff at the controls - panorama, general plans.

Lighted numbers on the device - close-up.

Boiling-temperature plasma, energy is directly converted into electrical energy - big plans.

Laboratory of Lenin Order of the Lebedev Physics Institute - general plans.

Employee manages device - quantum generator - close-up.

The laser beam - large, medium plans.

The hand on the device - close-up.

The doctor monitors the patient on the TV - the average plan.

Equipment for the treatment of cancer by irradiation - general plans.

Operation - the panorama.

Academician AA Wisniewski makes the operation - close-up.

Assistants to the operation - close-ups.

A. Wisniewski after the operation - the average plan.

Assistants at the instruments - the average plan.

Instrument that records vibrations (ECG?) - Close-up.

Students at a lecture - a common, average plans.

Girls in the laboratory - panorama.

Pour the solution into the flask - A panorama.

Hall of the Lenin Library, the people engaged in the tables - panorama, close-up, departure.

Children in kindergarten draw the table - Medium shot, run over, panorama.

Looking girl with pigtails - close-up.

ABC lies - close-up.

Children playing in the doctors, hairdressers - a common, big plans.

Girl draws - A panorama.

First-graders with their parents are the first of September to the school - the general panorama.

Is a boy with flowers - the average plan.

Children from the school colors - panorama, large, medium plans.

A man photographs - the average plan.

Watching parents - middle ground.

Waving girl - close-up.

Waving man with a young child - the average plan.

Children are included in the current school building - the average, the overall plan.

Said teacher in the classroom - the average plan, departure.

Watch the first grade - big plans.

Classes in drawing a circle - the guys at the easel - different plans.

Artist-teacher talks to a girl - close-up, departure.

Paint and Palette - close-ups.

Trees in autumn maple, birch - panorama, large, general plans.

Autumn landscapes urban park - the general plan.

Fallen leaves in the park - the general plan.

Women with strollers walking in park - general plans.

Woman on a bench next to stroller - an outline.

Hotel "Russia" in the foreground, yellow trees - average plans.


Basil's Cathedral - a common, average plans.

Branch with berries - nature autumn.

Birches in winter - panorama.

On the way, passing Russian troika - the general plan.

The hotel "Russia", Moscow State University, the Museum of the Revolution, St.

Basil (shot through the snowy branches) - the average, the overall plan.

Winter street of Moscow - the overall plan.

Kremlin Chimes (through the snow-covered spruce) - close-up.

Sunset in winter forest - the overall plan.

PI Tchaikovsky monument in front of the conservatory (winter) - the overall plan.

The building of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, burning lamps - the average plan.

Listening to Professor Naumov - medium shot.

Plays the piano student Vladimir Naumov Viardot, won first prize at the 4th International Piano Competition Van Cliburn (synchronously executed Rachmaninoff Etude) - the average plan.

Hands pianist - close-ups.

Black-and-white newsreel:

The Conservatory, the lighting, with the words "The First International Competition for Pianists and violinists", a portrait of Tchaikovsky on the building - the average plan (April 1958).

Hall of Moscow Conservatory, Tchaikovsky's portrait on the curtain - the general plan.

The presidium of the composers Shostakovich, Dmitry Kabalevsky, Minister of Culture of the USSR NA Mikhailov - general plans.

The audience applauded - general plans.

Bows American pianist Van Cliburn, winner - the average plan.

Photo: V. Cliburn, V. Viardot and others V. Viardot with the cup, V. Viardot with journalists - the average plan.


Airport "Sheremetyevo" off label "Moscow" (evening plans) - the overall plan.

V. Viardot down the ramp, hugging his father - panorama.

The airport passing cars - general plans.

Evening street in Moscow, burning lights - general plans.

Shop windows (inside and out) - the general plan.

Spinning globe on the building - the overall plan.

Restaurant "Arbat" - the average plan.

Lights advertising a restaurant - close-up (evening).

People at the table in the restaurant - the general plan.

Smiling girl - close-up.

Performed Gypsy Dance - panorama.

Lighted building new circus - the average, the overall plan.

Operetta Theatre - the general plan.

People are Operetta Theatre - average plans.

Man about posters - the average plan.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People are near the Bolshoi Theater, the lanterns are lighting.

People are entering the theatre.

Quadriga is on the building of theatre.

The building is lighted.

The hall of the Bolshoi Theatre during the time of the second international competition of ballet dancers.

The audience is sitting down.

The orchestra.

Chandeliers are blowing out.

A panorama of the competition winners, Nadezhda Pavlova and Vyacheslav Gordeev performing a party from the “Spyashchaya krasavitsa” [“Sleeping beauty”] ballet.

The audience is applauding.

V. Gordeev and N Pavlova are bowing.

V. Gordeev and N Pavlova are on the TV screen, the speaker Svetlana Morgunova is announcing.

The instrument room of the television in Ostankino, a woman-director is here.

An announcer S. Morgunova is in the instrument room.

The territory in the evening; trees are lightened.

The lightened building of the MSU.

The Big Kremlin Palace.

The towers of the Kremlin.

The Spasskaya tower, it is 12 o’clock on the chiming clock.

The change of the guard at the Lenin’s Mausoleum.

A panorama of the inscription on the Mausoleum: “Lenin”.

Moscow in the morning.

The Kremlin from the view of the Moskva River.

The bridge, people are walking.

The Moskva River.

Graduating students are standing on the bank of the Moskva River.

A panorama of boys and girls walking along the embankment.

Graduating students are standing on the bridge and are waving.

The hotel “Rossiya” [ “Russia”].

Graduating students are passing the obelisk “Kosmos” [“Space”].

A panorama of the obelisk lighted by the rising sun.

Movie №1

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