wait me 08/06/2009 (2009)

Telecast №74741, 1 part, duration: 0:41:02
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igor. Shukshina Mariya.

Reel №1

Plot from Kenya:

A resident of Kenya, Peter Ogola, is looking for his student friend, and later his wife, Valentina, whom he met while studying in Moscow in 1963.


African Savannah.

Zebra and other animals.

Residents of the Luo tribe.

Huts, a woman cooks food at the stake, manually handles the land with a hoe.


A woman is washing clothes on the street.

Children of different ages.

Interview with Peter's mother.

Interview with Peter's sister Mary Gwella.

Interview with Peter's father.

The city of Assembo.

Car stream, bicyclists, hand carts.

Interview with Peter Oholoy.

Describes his first family in Moscow, the birth of two sons of Argentans and Nikita.

In the studio, Igor Kvasha says that both Valentine and children are found, and soon they will go to Africa.

In a studio:

Lidia Bovakina Finds her mother Maria Kozlov (born in 1922), who disappeared in the Tver region.

Svetlana Tsibizova is looking for Grigory Tsibizova (born in 1965), according to preliminary information, abducted in Moscow.

Valentina Smetankina (Ershova) is looking for Gennady Bahov (born in 1937), a friend of his youth.

Zofia Yablonskaya is looking for brother Vlad (Vladislav, born in 1943).

From Ukraine, her mother was exiled to Germany during the Great Patriotic War.

According to preliminary information, Vlad was born in Dresden and remained in the family of foster parents.

A man is looking for brother Shukhrat Kuchkarov (born in 1960) who was lost in Moscow.


Thanks to the program, Andrei Tsibulko met with his brother Sergei.

After the deprivation of parental rights in 1969, Sergei and two sisters Tsibulko were transferred to an orphanage in Yakutia, and Andrei was adopted.


Roman Burlutsky (12 years old) from the Belgorod region.

Olga Andreev (28 years old) from St.


Andrei Tsibizov from the Irkutsk region.

Igor Botnarenko (28 years old).

Disappeared in St.


Denis Kochemaykin (13 years old) from the city of Bobruisk.

Ivan Kuzmin.

Kremev Yuri.

Disappeared in the Tula region.

Astakhov Sergei - did not return from the army.

He served in Saratov.

Alexander Romantsov (21 years old) from the Belgorod region.

Gennady Tanasiev from the Moscow region.

Rudolf Akhunov (born in 1937) is wanted by his daughter.


Ravshan Mahmanazarov, who lives in a boarding school in St.

Petersburg, is looking for relatives.


Boarding school in St.

Petersburg № 6.

In the yard pupils play football.

Interview with Valentina Putilova.

According to her, Ravshan Mahmanazarov (born in 1991) got to them in 2006.

Interview with Ravshan.

He tells that he lived with his family in Dushanbe; when he was a child, climbed a long-distance train and found himself in Tashkent, where he was picked up by gypsies and taken to the camp.

Gipsies in the city, with children.

Ravshan tells how the tabor came to St.

Petersburg, where he was forced to beg in the city, about how he managed to escape.

Interview with Tatiana Sycheva.

Training class in the boarding school.

Dance studio.

The railway station of St.


Long-distance trains.

Maria Ilchenko in the studio met with her son Sergei Ilchenko, who disappeared in 2001.

The man was attacked, after which he lost his memory.


Sergei Ilchenko, after the injuries received, was in a hospital in the city of Moscow, but was soon discharged from there.

For a long time he lived in the Vladimir region, where he built himself a house.

Interview with Natalia Krasnykh.

Interview with taxi driver Alexander Samsonov - talks about his meeting with Sergei.

Interview with the workers of the shoe shop, with whom Sergei worked.


Putilova Valentina - the director of boarding school № 6 in St. Petersburg. Sycheva Tatyana is a teacher of the geography of boarding school No. 6 in St. Petersburg. Krasnykh Natalia is an employee of the Moscow Accident Registration Office.

Calendar: 08/06/2009

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