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The strange circumstances of the car accident: who is to blame for the death of Peter Masherov.

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October 4, 1980 at 659 km of the route Moscow-Minsk as a result of a car accident Petr Masherov died.

He was the Hero of the Soviet Union, candidate member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus.

According to the official version, the accident was caused by the driver of the truck - Nikolay Pustovit.

Video chronicle:

Extreme braking of a Soviet car brand.

A car damaged after a collision.

At the scene of the accident, the traffic police officer registers a traffic accident.

Petr Masherov with the representatives of the foreign delegation.

Leonid Brezhnev presents Petro Masherau with the star of the Hero.

Funeral ceremony of Peter Masherov's funeral.


Investigators who worked at the scene made a conclusion about the violation of traffic rules by the truck driver.

However, why did the prominent statesman move not in an armored ZIL assigned to him in accordance with his position, but on a GAZ-13 Chaika car?

According to Yevgeny Osepchugov, a member of the commission for technical expertise of the car, in that accident Peter Masherov had a chance to stay alive.

Yevgeny Osipchuk compares the technical features of ZIL-114 and GAZ-13 cars.

According to Yuri Churbanov, ZIL-114 - the car on which Peter Masherov usually traveled was under repair, and the personal driver Evgeny Zaitsev, on the eve, had an attack of radiculitis about which he did not tell anyone, thus violating the instruction.

Oleg Shklovsky is reading out the instructions on how to accompany a special-purpose vehicle.

Video chronicle:

The government ZIL car follows the streets of Moscow.

According to Yuri Churbanov, one of the accompanying cars of the motorcade violated the instruction: breaking off from the procession, she formed a gap between the cars, which turned out to be fatal.

In the accident, everyone who was in the car was killed: Petr Masherov, his driver Evgeny Zaitsev and security guard officer Chesnokov.

According to Vladimir Kalinichenko, during the investigation, glasses were found in the car with diopters belonging to the driver Zaitsev.

Synchronous of thr driver from the first machine of Maxherov's escort- Oleg Slesarenko.

Detail describes the moment of the collision.

This incident was not the first.

In 1976, under similar circumstances, an accident occurred on the same track, as a result of which the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, Fyodor Surganov, and the commander of the aviation of the Belarusian military district, Leonid Beda, were killed.

According to Vladimir Kalinichenko, the version about the guilt of security officers of the KGB or MVD departments was not checked.

Recreates the picture of the investigative measures that were carried out on the site of the car crash.

Describes the experts involved in the investigation.

In his opinion, the actions of the driver Zaitsev, in this road situation were correct.

Causes a number of other similar road and transport situations, in particular, tells about the incident that happened with Alexei Kosygin.

Anatoly Medvedev says that after the driver Yevgeny Zaitsev turned 60 years old, Petr Masherov personally asked not to send him to retirement.

Describes the training of drivers of the special-purpose regime.

Brings his point of view of the accident.

Two weeks before, Nikulkin was removed from the post of chairman of the KGB of Belarus and General Baluyev was sent to his place from Moscow.

Petr Masherov insisted on heading the KGB of Belarus by Eduard Norman.

Eduard Norman says that Petr Masherov did not like car escort escorts and preferred to ride without them.

He talks about the intrigues and political rivalry of some high-ranking leaders in relation to Masherov.

Yuri Churbanov says that by the fall of 1980 Leonid Brezhnev had written two statements to the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee on his departure from the post of General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee.

Brezhnev personally advocated the involvement of younger personnel in the Politburo and called for a successor.

In place of Brezhnev considered the candidacy of the Secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the Communist Party - Romanov.

Edward Nordman suggests that Masherov had ill-wishers and even those who were glad of his death.

Yuri Churbanov, on the contrary, talks about the circle of political supporters and associates of Masherov.

Video chronicle:

Statesmen whose deaths cause doubts: Fedor Kulakov - Secretary of the Central Committee, member of the Politburo Fedor Kulakov (on the podium).

Semyon Tsvigun is the first deputy chairman of the KGB of the USSR.

Zurab Pataridze - Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Georgia.

Stanislav Lekarev speaks about the existence of such a phenomenon as political terrorism - he talks about various methods that are used to eliminate undesirable political figures.

Does not consider the accident with the car in which Peter Masherov was traveling as a tuned or specially organized operation, although he does not exclude the possible "camouflage of the conduct under circumstances."

Vladimir Kalinichenko says that during the investigation of the causes of the accident, the driver of GAZ Pustovit, admitted that he, for a moment, was distracted.

In particular, the unexplained maneuver of applying Zaitsev emergency braking.

Vladimir Kalinichenko remembers the cases when the conclusions of the investigation, in his opinion, were questionable: he cites the example of "suicide" of the head of one of the departments of the Central Committee, Albert Ivanov.

According to Vladimir Kalinichenko, by the time they arrived at the scene of the accident, KGB officers had confiscated some items.


Funeral procession: Ceremony of funeral of Peter Masherov on October 8, 1980.


Osepchugov Eugene is a forensic expert. Churbanov Yury - First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR in 1980. Medvedev Anatoly - the driver of a special purpose garage. Kalinichenko Vladimir - investigator for particularly important cases under the USSR Prosecutor General in 1980. Nordman Edward is a former chief of the KGB of the Stavropol Territory. Lekarev Stanislav is a former assistant to the chief of counterintelligence of the USSR.

Calendar: 11/28/1998

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