Hello, Childhood! (1974)

Documentary №7500, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:30
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kiselev YE.
Screenwriters:Bogat E.
Camera operators:Gorbatskiy V.


The film is about the idea, how it's important to retain childhood in the modern world.

Temporary description:

Writer EM Rich says (synchronously) on the beautiful and unique time of childhood, of children's perception of the world. Children: draw in the art studio of the Moscow City Palace of Pioneers and schoolchildren, in the zoo, are treated in a children's hospital named Rusakov. Surgeon SY Doletsky says (synchronously) on their approaches in the treatment of young patients. Doletsky making operation, talking with parents of sick children. Their impressions of working with children divided (synchronously) teacher VN Zhukov. Zhukov at the lesson with students. Graders school number 437 in Moscow is (synchronously) on the lesson that they are pleased and that upsets in the outside world, at home, around us.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The children of the nursery youngest group playing.

Writer and dramatist Eugeny Mikhailovich Bogat talking about childhood, children, modern world.


Junior library, bookcases; children reading.

Moscow Pioneer and Schoolchildren Palace paint shop.

Schoolchildren painting.

A hand painting.

The teacher observing the children working.

Painting A Young Painter by I.Firsov, Madonna and Child by Botticelli, Madonna and Child by El Greco; Children’s Games by P.Brueghel, separate fragments of the painting; Mika Morozov by V.Serov.

Children’s paintings.

A girl practising choreography under the supervision of the teacher in the Pioneer and Schoolchildren Palace ballet room.

A sculpture of lion.

A little girl by the sculpture of lion.

Children in the zoo near the animals’ enclosures and cages.

A brown bear; an argali; an eagle in the cage.

Children riding horses in the zoo.

Children in the busy city streets, cars passing; an ambulance car passing.

The surgeon-in-chief of the Rusakov Hospital for Children, Professor, Doctor of Medicine Stanislav Yakovlevich Doletsky passing along the street.

The trees on the Rusakov Hospital’s territory (the view from a ward); sick children in the wards (looking at the window, playing, reading in bed).

A hospital corridor: sick children, a nurse in the corridor.

The interview with S.Y.Doletsky.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sick children in a ward.

Surgeon S.Y.Doletsky talking with a sick boy while being on round, asking him about his post-surgical state.

The surgeon’s hand, the panorama of the boy’s hand.

A group of the doctors passing through the corridor, S.Y.Doletsky among them, entering the ward.

The close-up views of sick children.

S.Y.Doletsky examining a girl.

Surgeon S.Y.Doletsky in the operating room, preparation for the operation.

General, medium shot of the operating room during the operation.

A dropper.

S.Y.Doletsky operating on a patient.

S.Y.Doletsky in a hospital corridor talking with the sick child’s mother.

A nurse sitting at patient’s bedside, covering him with a blanket.

Close-up, medium shot of the sleeping child patients.

Girls’ classes in the ballet room.

The schoolchildren of the infant school in the corridor during a break.

A teacher of the school 43 V.N.Zhukova with children during a break.

The interview with V.N.Zhukova.

Valentina Nikolaevna Zhukova entering the classroom, giving a lesson on the topic “What is good and what is bad”.

The pupils listening to her, answering the question “What is good and what is bad”.

Surgeon S.Y.Doletsky passing through the hospital territory in early spring.

A tree, a branch with buds.

A women and her child passing by (a stone sculpture to the left).

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