Orthodox encyclopedia (№ 35 ) 01.09.2012 (2012)

Telecast №75214, 1 part, duration: 0:25:56
Production: Pravoslavnaya Enciklopediya
Anchor:Uminsky Aleksey


New Jerusalem Monastery.

Reel №1

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Introductory speech by Priest Alexei Uminsky.

Alternating frames with views of the Holy Land.

Pilgrims are going to the Holy Land.

Panorama of Jerusalem.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Ascension Cathedral.

Artists paint the cathedral building.

A model of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, brought to Moscow by Patriarch Paisii of Jerusalem.

New Jerusalem Monastery.

View of the Ascension Cathedral from a helicopter.

The pilgrim tells about the New Jerusalem, about the Ascension Cathedral.

Service in the cathedral.

Tells the novice Andrew.

The New Jerusalem Calvary.

An unreported cathedral.

Gethsemane Garden near the New Jerusalem Monastery.

The shore of the Jordan near Moscow.

Epiphany waste desert.

The cell of Patriarch Nikon.

Portrait of Patriarch Nikon.

Tells the novice Andrew.

Portrait of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

Portrait of Patriarch Nikon.

The place where Patriarch Nikon was born.

Portrait of the young Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

Drawing of the Northern Kozheozersky Monastery.

The document on the appointment of Nikon as the Archimandrite of the Moscow Novospassky Monastery.

Later, the tsar appointed Nikon Patriarch.

Portrait of Patriarch Nikon.

Portraits of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

Portrait of Patriarch Nikon.

The relationship between the tsar and the Patriarch in the paintings of Russian artists.

The interior of the cathedral.

View of the new Jerusalem.

A painting by a Russian artist about the eruption of Nikon from the dignity of Patriarch.

Ferapontov Monastery.

Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery.

Portrait of Nikon.

Portrait of Tsar Fyodor Alekseevich.

Nikon's death on the way out of exile near Yaroslavl.

Nikon's resting place is in the New Jerusalem Ascension Monastery.

Alternating frames with views of the New Jerusalem Monastery.

Chronicle of 1941.

The blown-up New Jerusalem Monastery.

The procession in the monastery.

Shrines of Nikon's time.

President Medvedev and Patriarch Alexy II visited the New Jerusalem Monastery.

Hegumen Feofilakt (Bezukladnikov), the vicar of the Ascension New Jerusalem Monastery, tells.

Church service in the monastery.

The restored decoration of the monastery.

Church candlesticks with candles.

The pilgrim tells.

Church shop.

The pilgrim tells.

Letters on the monastery's website from believers asking for advice.

Hegumen Feofilakt (Bezukladnikov), the vicar of the Ascension New Jerusalem Monastery, tells.

View of the temple closed by scaffolding.

Ancient inscriptions and frescoes uncovered by restorers.

A prayer room behind the altar has been discovered.

New premises in the monastery.

Excavations of archaeologists on the territory of the monastery.

Leonid Andreevich Belyaev, an archaeologist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, tells.

The monastery cemetery, discovered by archaeologists.

The grave of Archimandrite Akaky.

Pits with construction debris of the 18th century, in which samples of unique building materials were found.

Fragments of ceramic icons.

Stills from the film "Andrey Rublev" directed by Tarkovsky.

An ancient bell.

View of the New Jerusalem from a helicopter.

The gates open and a view of the New Jerusalem Monastery opens.

Restored churches of the monastery.

Shots of the inner territory of the monastery.

Hegumen Feofilakt (Bezukladnikov), the vicar of Voznesensky With

The car pulls up to the main entrance to the monastery.

The final word of Alexey Uminsky.

Key words

Patriarch Nikon.
The monastery.


Patriarh Nikon. Carj Aleksej Mihajlovich. Carj Fedor Alekseevich. Ierusalimskij patriarh Paisij. Svyaschennik Aleksej Uminskij. Dmitrij Anatoljevich Medvedev, prezident Rossii. Patriarh Aleksij II. Igumen Feofilakt (Bezukladnikov), namestnik Voznesenskogo Novo-Ierusalimskogo monastirya.

Calendar: 01.09.2012 1941

Locations: Israel [109] Moscow region [788]


Ascension New Jerusalem Monastery.

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