Science and technology № 8 (1949)

Newsreel №75445, 1 part, duration: 0:09:27
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kabalov G., V. Astafjev, S. Chulkov, P. Petrova
Camera operators:M. Lukin, Ya. Tolchan, G. Kabalov, N. Naumov, E. Kashina,
Sound mixer:Kamionskij A.


1. Forest planting machine. The invention Chasidim M. I. machines for planting forests. Plantations with the help of machines. 2. At the Institute of radiology. Operation of the device of rentgenography to make the x-ray heartbeat. 3. Mechanical blowers. Mechanization of the manufacture of glass tubes for Suprunenko glassworks. 4. The victory of Yaroslavl breeders. A new breed of pigs, bred by the breeders of the area of Breytovo, Yaroslavl region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The forest is planted by a machine."

Map of forest strips-animation.

A machine for planting forests.

Engineer-inventor Chashkin M. I.


Plant seedlings with the help of a machine.

Cone rollers.

Forest plantations, birch trees.

"At the Institute of Radiology."

They do an X-ray.

The human chest in the X-ray machine.

The hand presses the switch.

The doctors look at the picture.

The device is an X-ray cymograph.

Animation - the principle of operation of the X-ray machine.

"Mechanical glassblower".

Glassblower at the stove.

The glassblower blows into the pipe.

Glassblowers pull out the tube.

Zaprudnensky glass factory.

Glass tube making machine.

Workers at the car.

Animation - the principle of operation of the machine.

Glass mass in the car.

Tube on the conveyor.

The conveyor mechanism.

Cutting pipes.

"Victory of Yaroslavl livestock breeders".

Yaroslavl region, Breitovsky district.

Field, farm.

Breytor breed pigs in the field.

A collective farmer and a pig.

A herd of pigs near the paddock.

A herd of pigs bathes in a pond.


Collective farmers feed the pigs.

Piglets drink milk from a sow.

Animation - weight gain in pigs.

Key words

gardening, animal husbandry, glassware, glass products, mechanical production, hand production, the heart of man, the mechanization of labor, farm, medical equipment,


Chashkin M.I. - izobretatelj, laureat Stalinskoj premii.

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828]

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