Science and technology № 1 (1963)

Newsreel №75767, 1 part, duration: 0:09:48
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:D. Yashin, G. Mogilevskij, S. Ershov, A. Cineman, A. Klevajchuk
Camera operators:I. Korh, E. Pokrovskij, R. Demyanec, Yu. Salov


Conducting various experiments on the floating base of the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University-the ship "Moscow University". Development of flour milling by compressor units and flour storage without the use of bags based on silo storage. Laboratory at the Baikov Institute of Metallurgy. Scientific experiments on the use of an electro-magnetic field for melting metal. Test of a hovercraft in the Rowing channel of the Gulf of Finland.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Floating University".

MSU building.

Lecture hall.

A student in the laboratory at the instruments.

The ship "Moscow University" - the floating base of the Faculty of Physics-is sailing.

A meeting on the ship.

Waves from the ship.

The anchor chain is moving.

The anchor is lowered into the water.

The net is a trap in the water.


Larisa Kuleshov examines a water sample.

Graduate student Vladimir Efimov conducts an experiment with the device.

A device for registering wind on water.

Recording of wind pressure registration on the device.

Efimov V. at devices in the laboratory.

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Boris Absurdly collects the device.

A flask of liquid.

Gamma radiation counters.

The gamma-ray spectrometer is lowered into the water.

Ludicrously B. writes down the data.

"The container is no longer needed."

The grain is falling.

The grain is ground into bags.

The loader unloads the bags.

Warehouse with bags of flour.

Map of the USSR.

Mill plant.

Compressor units.

The flour goes through the pipe.

Hand-drawn diagram of flour grinding and storage.

A truck with a tank "Flour" enters a room with a silo.

The operator at the control panel.

Flour is being loaded into the tank.

The flour truck pulls out of the gate.

An employee of the bakery connects the pipe to the tank.

Vats of dough.

Bread preparation on the conveyor.

Ready-made bread in a vat.

"In an electro-magnetic field…»

The collection contains samples of molybdenum, folframeand titanium, and chromium.

Laboratory assistant at the device.

Metal alloy.

Metal under the microscope.

Laboratory at the Baikov Institute of Metallurgy.

Metal balls are loaded into the chamber.

The manipulator takes a ball of metal.

The employee controls the camera.


The ball is in the air.

Drawing on an electro-magnetic field film.

The scientist looks through his monocle.

The molten ball falls.

The hand twists the valve.

A rocket is flying.

"On an air cushion".

Rowing channel of the Gulf of Finland.

Testing of a hovercraft.

The ship is in the water off the coast of PNRM. on the audience.

In the cockpit, the pilot and navigator.

Fans of the ship.

Feed with a propeller.

Air and water rudders.

The hand turns on the instruments.

The ship is near the shore, the propellers are spinning.

The man gives the signal to the ship to sail.

Fan in the water, bubbles.

The ship is sailing.

Key words

science experiments, baking bread, bread, dough, melting metal with electro-magnetic fields, research and development, invention, inventions, introduction of inventions, the river fleet, shallow water,

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Day [828]

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