Science and technology № 2 (1963)

Newsreel №75768, 1 part, duration: 0:08:04
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K. Kogtev, I. Frolov, P. Petrova
Camera operators:B. Moskalenko, Sh. Gegelashvili


Introduce knitting factory new knitting machine that allows to reduce the quantity of waste materials when sewing clothes. Leningrad, the clinic of hospital therapy of the Military medical Academy named after Kirov. Experiments on rabbits for the treatment of atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. Treatment of increased atherosclerosis in people with corn oil. Architecture and Latvian architects in Riga-cinema, restaurant-cafe, summer concert hall.

Reel №1

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"Savings reserves - for the service of a seven-year-old!".

Shop of a knitting factory.

The machine winds the thread.

Threads on a knitting machine.

Knitting needles.

PNRM knitting machine. on the finished canvas.

Work in the sewing shop.

Cutting the fabric according to the pattern.

Fabric scraps.

A bunch of fabric scraps.

Boris Alekseyevich Volkov sets up an automatic machine for processing fabric scraps.

A hand-drawn principle of the machine's operation.

The work of the machine.

Hands remove the thread from the contour.


Clothes on mannequins and in the window.

"In the fight against atherosclerosis".

Leningrad, Hospital therapy clinic of the Kirov Military Medical Academy.

The doctors walk down the corridor, enter the ward.

Professor Volynsky examines the patient.

Blood serum in test tubes.

Vessels under the microscope.

The doctor at the cages with rabbits.

Bowls of food on the table.

The doctor gives food to the rabbits.

The hand pours the liquid into a test tube.

The rabbit eats.

The hand pulls out the tubes of blood from the machine.

Automatic radioactivity detector.

Automatic sensors.

Vessels of rabbits.

The hospital canteen.

Food on the table-CU. pl.

The cook fills the salad with corn oil.

The doctor talks to the patients.

"The architects of Latvia".


Designers work for kulmans.

The cinema building.

Indoor aquarium.

Stairs in the cinema.


Wall decorations.

The auditorium.


PNRM. through an empty room with tables.

Radiator grille, potted flowers.

A table by the window.

The bar counter.

Entrance to the cafe.

Riga store "Politicheskaya kniga".

Shop floor, bookshelves, buyers, seller.

Bust of Lenin.

Summer concert hall, trees.

Auditorium, stage.

The ceiling of the hall.

Trees, radio tower.

The orchestra is playing.

Key words

invention, invention, production waste, optimization of production processes, finished knitted products, tableware, fight against cholesterol,

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Night [830]

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