Science and technology № 10 (1963)

Newsreel №75775, 1 part, duration: 0:10:13
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K. Kogtev, A. Vagin, A. Cineman, K. Babashkin, H. Akopov
Screenwriters:E. Marjyamova, V. Egorova, Yu. Gurvich
Camera operators:G. Gulidova, A. Vagin, S. Arceulova, H. Akopov


"The conquest of the hero". Construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. "Electronic nurse". The work of the electronic cardiological device "Rhythm-1", which controls the signals of contractions of the heart muscle. "Scientists-metallurgists". Development of finned pipes for heat exchange equipment by the Research Institute of Metallurgical Engineering. "Behind the blue screen." Development and implementation in the Moscow TV center by scientists of the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communication of the block of formation of a silhouette signal.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The conquest of the hero".

The Yenisei River.

PNRM. for the construction of the Krasnoyarsk HPP (hydroelectric power station).

The bucket of the excavator with the ground.

From the bucket, the earth is poured into the truck.

A tractor is coming.


A car is driving along the bottom of the pit with water.

Water fills the pit.

PNRM. according to the builders, the pit.

The driver drives the truck in reverse, loading blocks.


The builder gives the signal.

The builder turns the handle of the explosive device.

Crane operator in the cab.

The tractor rakes the ground.

The Yenisei flows through the dam.

Dump Trucks dump concrete pyramids.

Body pistons.

A helicopter is flying.


People applaud.

"Electronic nurse".

Nurses carry the patient on a gurney.

The doctor turns on the device "Rhythm-1".

The doctor connects the device to the patient's heart.

The display of the device.

Animation - heartbeat.

The doctor fills out the cards.

The recorder records the heart rate.

Apprata "Rhythm-1", the inscription"Alarm" is lit.

The doctor is at the patient's bedside.




Research Institute of Metallurgical Engineering.

Meeting of scientists.

Drawing of finned pipes for heat exchange equipment.

Pipe and rolling roll.

A worker at the machine.


The pipe goes into the roll.

Pipe in the pickling bath.

Pipe on a chain conveyor.

A circular saw cuts through the pipe.


"Behind the blue screen."

Moscow TV Center.

The cameraman rolls the camera around the studio.

Decorators prepare the room.

Scientists at the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communications.

Professor Kataev.

Animation - work in the studio with two cameras, the block of forming a silhouette signal.

Reproduction of a painting by Shishkin, TV camera.

The actress on the background of the screen.

The operator at the TV camera.

Silhouette of an actress.

Remote control.

Actress and background.


The lens.

Key words

TV, Studio TV, moving background, of the invention, the introduction of inventions, medical equipment, national economy,

Seasons: Spring [825] Day [828]

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