Science and technology № 10 (1964)

Newsreel №75814, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K. Kogtev, I. Zejfman, N. Belov, P. Petrova, A. Krizhanskij
Camera operators:Z. Yakobson, L. Nikitina, B. Moskalenko, B. Ocup


"Keep up with the times." Development and implementation of a system for the supply of necessary devices to the workshops at the Leningrad Metal Plant named after the XX-th Party Congress. "When rivers are frozen." The work of the auger for snow removal and digging ditches in the ice around the ships in winter. "Physics and Metal". Stepanov's installation is an invention that makes it possible to produce metal products of any size. "This is also important." Moscow. The plot is devoted to the work of the service sector: vending machines for bread and dairy products. The models of future shopping centers, where all the necessary products will be sold under one roof, are also shown.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Keep up with the times."

Shop floor.

Leningrad Metal Plant estate of the XX-th Party Congress.

A red-hot bar of metal on a coveyer.

The turbine.

Turbine blades.

A worker at a machine for making blades.

Machines, devices.

The worker selects the device.

Engineers at the kulmans - from the movement .

Animation-placement of machines in the shop.

A stacker crane carries the device.

A room with a file cabinet at the factory.

Hands move the cards in the drawer.

A card from the file cabinet.

An employee programs a stacker crane.

The numbers light up on the scoreboard.

The crane takes the machine from the shelf.

Workers unload the machine on an electric car.

"When rivers are frozen."

The auger (auger) rides on the ice among the ships.

Workers clear the ship of ice.

A crowbar and a shovel dig a hole.

The screws on the auger bucket rotate.

The auger clears the snow.

Auger cab.

Screw cutter.

The cutter cuts the ice.

Ditches in the ice.

The driver is in the cab.

The auger floats in the water.

"Physics and Metal".

Professor Alexander Vasilyevich Stepanov in the laboratory.

Pencil in the water.

A rod in liquid metal.

Cylinder and liquid metal.

Metal objects.

Stepanov installation.

Objects made of metal obtained with the help of the Stepanov installation.

Ribbed pipes.

"This is also important."


People are walking down the street.

Automatic water dispenser.

A woman crosses the road.


A woman puts a coin in the machine.

Bread on the conveyor belt.

A woman walks into a store.

A customer at a vending machine selling dairy products.

The operator is in the cab.

People come out of the store.

Animation - time to go to the shops.

The woman sits down on a bench.

Product order table.

Assembling products in the order table.

Baskets of food on the conveyor.

Hands close the box.

The driver gets in the car and drives off.

Designers at the models of the shopping center.

A model of a shopping center.

Design engineers at work.

Key words

river transport, road transport, inventions, life, food, innovations, vending machines products

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Day [828]

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