Science and technology № 12 (1979)

Newsreel №75998, 1 part, duration: 0:09:56
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Shkarina V., Bobrickij E., Virubov V., Berenshtejn Yu.
Screenwriters:Bulakovskij I., Shibaeva E., Veksler A.
Editor:Mahova I.
Camera operators:Savchenko V., Bobrickij E., Virubov V., Berenshtejn Yu.
Text authors:Biljchinskij V.
Sound mixer:Dmitrieva M.
Consultant:Bagiyuk V., Kardan E., Solovjev S., Kravcov A.


1. "Introduced in production" Biological link. 3. "News from laboratories" On the use of explosion energy to produce bimetals. 4. "Moscow through the centuries" On the exhibition demonstrating the findings of archaeologists for the past 30 years.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Put into manufacture".

Biological link.

Field of daisies.

Horses in the meadow.

The river Creek.

Reservoir-a pond at the metallurgical plant.

Shop metallurgical plant.

Sewage treatment plant.

The woman takes a sample of water.


Fish in the aquarium.

Microorganisms living in water under the microscope.

V. M. Bahnik looking through a microscope.

Microorganisms under the microscope.

Add some superphosphate.

Sewage treatment plant.

Smoking chimneys of the steel plant.

"The era of new technologies.

Harvest all year round."

Sowing mycelium in the ground.

The engine room.

Devices ,creating a microclimate.

Sprouting mushroom (split-screen).

Panorama of the shop with the grown mushrooms.

The corridor working pushing a cart with her bags in boxes of mushrooms.

Land preparation for sowing.

Workshop on mushroom cultivation.

Gathering of mushrooms.

The truck is Packed with boxes of mushrooms.

"News from the laboratories.

To connect the unconnected".

The connection of the two plates of metal.

The two plates are rolled through the press.

Plates of different metals on the table.

A sample of titanium.

The silver sample.

Two plates are laminated through the press is not connected.

In crucibles pouring two different metals.

The cooled metal is not connected.

Scientists in a lab discussing something.

The explosion in the quarry.

Close-up: superimposed two plates of steel and silver on top of the explosives.

The lit-up sign in lab :"CAUTION! BLAST!".

The curve of explosion on the oscilloscope.

Incompatible metals joined.

Combined metals in the field of view of the microscope.

Panorama of the samples of bimetals.

"Moscow through the ages...

Illustrated pages of history."

Photo found during the excavation of the vessel.

Ancient vessels at the Museum.

Visitors to the exhibition "Moscow through the ages".

Ancient tiles.

One of the oldest utensils.

Clay toy.

Panorama at the Windows of the exhibition .

Tagan for boilers.

Helmets and chain mail.

A visitor examines the chain mail and helmets.

The barrel of the cannon and cannonballs.

Ancient weights and scales.

Silver coins.

Old map.

The girl sees the decorations.

Jewelry of the Slavs-Vyatichi.

Bust of Slav with the decorations.

Locations: Kiev [933] Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]


Institute of botany Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Greenhouses farm "Moscow" Moscow Institute of steel and alloys

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