Science and technology № 3 (1980)

Newsreel №76030, 1 part, duration: 0:09:27
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kogtev K., Feljdman Z., Filippova N., Cvetkova L., Frolov I.
Screenwriters:Bektabegova O., Astafjev V., Meliharov A., Shpungin S.
Editor:Ryabinina G.
Camera operators:Feljdman Z., Ventcelj M., Dolgov N., Sudejkin V.
Text authors:Pikalev L.
Sound mixer:Kamionskij A.
Consultant:Godovich G., Plotkin I., Alkino A.


3. "It is awarded the State Prize" About the prosthetics of blood vessels 4. "News from laboratories" On a new kind of polystyrene foam.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The era of new technologies.

The robot masters build".

Assembling cars at the factory.

The wizard prepares the components for Assembly.


Scientists in the laboratory of the experimental research Institute of metal-cutting machines.

Automatic Assembly complex.

Automatic build.

Moving a table with a cassette, which contains the details.

System software control.

The robot picks up the workpiece.

The node cap is submitted to the preparatory position.

The installation of the seal.

The Assembly of the bearing.

The final operation is the installation and tightening of bolts.

General view of the automatic Assembly of the complex.

"Science - agriculture.

The laws of genetics".

Chickens at the poultry farm.

Hands to shift of chickens.

Employees of poultry farms selected chickens.

Laboratory of the Institute of poultry production.

Adult hen and rooster.

Animated diagram of crossing birds of different colors.

The eggs in the incubator.

General view of the incubator.

Hatched chickens.


Selection of cockerels.

Hens and roosters in a pen.


"Awarded the State prize.

Textile medicine".

Badges of Laureates of State prize.

Two scientists consider x-ray.

O. F. Mikhailov and L. L. Plotkin associations in the shop.

Shop textile industrial Association "the North".

Serial machines.

Spools of Dacron fibers.

Structure of products made of polyester.

The machines are made of artificial blood vessels.

Application of corrugation.

Heat treatment vessels.

The artificial vessel in his hands.

Usage patterns of artificial blood vessels (carotid artery,aorta).

Boxes with artificial vessels.

Artificial blood vessels spread out on the table.

Surgery to replace blood vessels.

"News from the laboratories.

Chemists Latvia".

Hand pours the dark liquid in the beaker.

The liquid foam rises and hardens immediately.

Hand cuts a piece from a sample of the new material, ripara.

Panorama of the samples.

In the laboratory of the Institute of wood chemistry.

Panorama of the lab equipment.

The scale of the instrument showing the PH of the solution.

Woman looking through a microscope.

The field of view of the microscope.

Coated foam ball.

The pipes with spray foam.

Fill ripara in shape.

Manufacturer of liner for safety helmets working.

Pouring new foam in complex form.

Large - Eastern deity mask from foam.


N.B.Dobrova - hirurg, laureat Gosudarstvennoj premii L.V.Lebedev - hirurg, laureat Gosudarstvennoj premii O.F.Mihajlova - inzhener, laureat Gosudarstvennoj premii, L.L.Plotkin - inzhener, laureat Gosudarstvennoj premii

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Riga [969]


Experimental research Institute of metal-cutting machines The Ukrainian Institute of poultry The Institute of cardiovascular surgery them. A. N. After Bakulev Leningrad textile industrial Association "Sever" The Institute of wood chemistry, Latvian Academy of Sciences

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