Science and technology № 11 (1980)

Newsreel №76032, 1 part, duration: 0:09:47
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kogtev K., Virubov V., Bobrickij E., Solnceva L., Feljdman Z.
Screenwriters:Ruchinskaya N., Bobrickij E., Stepanova N., Pikalev L.
Editor:Shmelev V.
Camera operators:Virubov V., Bobrickij E., Solnceva L., Feljdman Z.
Text authors:Pikalev L.
Sound mixer:Kuznecov N.


"Infrasound-barrier" On the impact of low-frequency sound waves on the human body and the environment. 4. "Mendeleev and the Arctic" On the activities of Mendeleyev in the field of icebreaking.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The era of new technologies.

To the mineral wealth".

Quarry for the extraction of ore.

The digger of the ore.

Loading ore into truck.

The eruption of the volcano.

The scheme of occurrence of seams of ore.

The scheme on which the hand with a pencil marks the spot of drilling.

Scientists at the Institute of Geochemistry and analytical chemistry discuss a new method of evaluation of deposits.

A piece of ore.

Drilling well.

Two workers from a sample (core) of the breed.

Rock samples on the table.

The scientist sees in the microscope the rock sample.

In the field of view of the microscope specimen of the breed.

The sample drop reagent.

The flask with the solution.

A woman in a lab among devices and sensors.

The scale arrow.

On the table laid out sheet with the data of the studied rocks.

The cab of the excavator.

Bucket unloads the ore.

A caravan of trucks with ore.

"Scientists agriculture.

How to grow seedlings".

Panorama of the greenhouse with seedlings.

Swordplay seedlings in the greenhouse.


Planting seedlings in peat pots.

The two men are considering the blocks of peat with holes for seedlings.

Pneumatic seed drill.

Ruka includes a pump.

Large seeds placed in the holes automatically.

Seeds covered with sand.

Peat plates with the seeds watered.

Seedlings in the greenhouse.

A tractor transports the seedlings to the field.

Field planted with seedlings.

Cabbage in the field.

Panorama of the cabbage field.

"News from the laboratories.

Infrasound barrier."

Central Russian landscape with a river.

Scale the frequency of the sound.

Splashing waves.

The frequency of the sound of the surf on the monitor.

Weaver at the loom.

Scientists are studying the sounds.

The flying Dutchman(engraving).

People side by side lying on the deck of the ship (engraving).

Scheme of penetration of infrasound into the room.

The machine is a special mobile station measures the sound level.

Device that measures the level of sound.

The study of the influence of the level of infrasound on the human body.

Hand with a stopwatch and graph heart rate.

A laboratory study of the effects of infrasound on the human body.

The muffler for the compressor.

Diagram showing how special materials can hold infrasound.

Panorama of modern city buildings.

"Search and finds.

Mendeleev and ...


The apartment-Museum of D. I. Mendeleev.

One of the rooms of the Museum.

Portrait Of D. Mendeleev.

The office of the scientist.

Page of the first draft of the periodic system.

Devices Metrology lab.

Medals. obtained by Mendeleev.

The reversal of the book "On the resistance of fluids".

Researcher of the Museum A. I. Dubrovin in the office.

A. I. Dubrovin with a magnifying glass examines the documents page.

The drawing of the icebreaker (from the works of Mendeleev).

Page of the manuscript.


The scheme is a special deck for the ship's machines designed by Mendeleev (animation).

Model icebreaker in the Museum.

Test the pool model of an icebreaker.

Portrait Of D. I. Mendeleev.

Icebreakers in the Arctic ice.


Locations: Leningrad [848] Moscow [820]


Institute of Geochemistry and analytical chemistry im.In.Vernadsky The apartment-Museum of D. I. Mendeleev,

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