Science and technology № 17 (1980)

Newsreel №76039, 1 part, duration: 0:09:50
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kogtev K., Schelokov V., Astafjev V., Hripunova L.
Screenwriters:Gohfeljd E., Shuchenko N., Pavlova N.
Editor:Shmelev V.
Text authors:Pikalev L.
Sound mixer:Kuznecov N.


1. "For saving and thrift" On the decision of the Ural scientists an important national economic task aimed at saving fuel and improving efficiency 2. "Fianites" On the biological methods of combating the greenhouse whitefly. 3. "Checking the eyesight" On a new automated device for measuring visual acuity.

Reel №1

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"For economy and thrift."

Rolling shop.

The red-hot billet moves into the furnace.

Panorama of conventional sectional heating furnaces.

The beam inside the heating furnace.

Large scale.

A man approaches the experimental jet heating furnace, pushes the flap.

Large furnace nozzles that supply gas.

General view of the furnace nozzle.

Large nozzles of the experimental furnace.

A man sets fire to the gas in the oven.

The man watches through the window of the oven, what is happening inside.

Large: the billet inside the furnace.

Sensors showing the operating mode of the furnace.

Pipes of the metallurgical plant.

"Science of agriculture".

"Ashersonia vs.


General view of the greenhouse.

A woman examines a cucumber leaf in a greenhouse.

White-winged butterflies on a leaf.

Laying of whiteflies.

Whitefly larvae on a cucumber leaf.

Cucumber leaf under a microscope.

Stomata in cucumber cells (macro photography).

Soot fungus that developed on the secretions of larvae (macro photography).

The dead leaf of the plant.

Spraying plants with chemicals in the greenhouse.

Plants damaged by whitefly.

Hands remove the lid from the Petri dish containing the Aschersonia mushroom.

Large Aschersonia mushroom.

Fungal spores under a microscope.

The spores are transferred to a colony of whitefly larvae.

Germination of fungal hyphae(macro photography).

Lumps of mold on the sheet.

General view of the laboratory where Aschersonia is propagated.

Bottles in which the mushroom grows.

Spraying cucumbers in a greenhouse with a drug with Aschersonia.

General view of the greenhouse (whips of healthy cucumbers).

Harvest of cucumbers.

"Awarded the Lenin Prize".

"Cubic zirconia".

General view of the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

A sign at the entrance to the institute.

Photo of a group of scientists led by Professor V. V. Osiko.

The face of V. V. Osiko.

In the photo, a group of scientists from the institute (on the right-V. V. Osiko).

Crystals of cubic zirconia.

Panorama of single crystals.

Table of D. I. Mendeleev.

Panorama of the periodic table.

The scientist pours the substance into the melting furnace.

The hand turns the toggle switch.

Temperature sensors.

Scientists observe the process taking place in the furnace.

Hands smashing a chilled billet with a hammer.

Cubic zirconia.

Cubic zirconia rods and crucibles.

Lenses and glasses made of cubic zirconia.

Grinding and polishing powders and pastes made of cubic zirconia.

The hand that processes the cubic zirconia.

Faceted cubic zirconia.

Jewelry with cubic zirconia.

Repeated from cubic zirconia famous diamond "Eagles".

Photo of V. V. Osiko in front of the melting furnace.

Photos of scientists of the Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Badge of the Lenin Prize Winner.

"Health service".

"Check your eyesight."

The field of view of the microscope.

Close-up eyes looking through a microscope.

A woman's face.

The woman closes one eye (there is a vision check).

Ophthalmologist's office.

Vision check.

General view of the laboratory of the Research Institute of Medical Technology.

Automatic vision check system.

Vision check on the automatic system.

A string of letters to test your vision.

Print the results of the check on the computer.

A group of schoolchildren came for a vision test.

The computer prints the results.

The results of the check on the scoreboard.

Shop of the watch factory.

The pilot's cabin in the plane.

A plane taking off.

Various scales showing the operating mode of the furnace.

Pipes of the metallurgical plant.

Science of agriculture.


Osiko V.V. - doktor fiziko-matematicheskih nauk

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Moscow [820]


Physical Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences Scientific research Institute medical equipment

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