What we do not store (1992)

Documentary №76258, 1 part, duration: 0:09:38
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:M. Ivanova
Screenwriters:M. Ivanova
Camera operators:L. Denisov
Text authors:V. Kolodeznij
Other authors:O. Rzhanov


The film is about the fish resources of the Volga Delta.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the Volga river, the sky in the clouds.

View the bow of a fishing boat.

View of the Astrakhan Kremlin (above).

View of the Orthodox Cathedral in Astrakhan (at the top).

Street near the Cathedral.

Types of historic cities and historic buildings.

People with fishing rods on the bridge across the Volga.

View of a section of the Volga Delta (top).

A river landscape.

Reeds and trees in the water.


Blooming water lilies.

The catch of sturgeon in the nets, the fishermen recovered the catch from the nets.

The work of the production line for filling cans of caviar.

Banks with black caviar on a conveyor belt.

The fishermen get from a captured sturgeon.

Packaging of caviar into jars.

Caught a sturgeon on the bottom of the boat.

Black caviar in banks.

Unloading of sturgeon from the boat.

Banks with black caviar.

The fish on the Astrakhan market, is a Gypsy with a baby.

Bundle of dried fish, cottage type hotel.

Tourists from Austria and Germany, with the rods sit in the boat.

Motor boats are on the Volga ducts.

Foreign tourists fish for bait from boats in the reeds.

Tourist shows caught perch.

A motor boat with the Austrians is on the Bayou.

The return of foreigners from fishing, caught fish on the bow of the boat.

Foreigners measure the length of one caught catfish.

Caught catfish on the dock.

Photographing the catch.

Unloading bundles of som of the boat in the water.

The weighing of catfish.

The return of the next boat.

The fishermen long soma show caught in the man's height.

Participants fishing open the champagne in honor of successful fishing.

One of the fishermen pouring champagne by the glass.

The face of one of foreign tourists.

Tourists drink champagne.

Evening Volga landscape.

Foreign tourists tell about fishing in the Volga Delta, admires nature, thank you for your hospitality (synchronously in German, voice-over translation).

A tourist on the pier, stroking the dog.

Interior view of one of the hotel rooms.

Foreign tourists dine in the hotel lobby after a successful fishing trip, bottles of liquor.

Volga landscape at sunset.

Passenger ship on the Volga.

View of the embankment of Astrakhan from the vessel.

Calendar: 1992

Locations: Astrakhan region [769]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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