Captain (1992)

Documentary №76262, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:10, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Sapronov
Screenwriters:K. Podima
Camera operators:Yu. Popov


The film tells about the life of the captain of the steamer "Theodore net" Mikhail Kislov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Winter Volga landscape.

Wooden house on a city street.

The flower on the windowsill.

Shelves with books and papers.

Photos of Mikhail Kislov different years on the table.

The sister's face Kislova.

Winter Volga landscape view of the city Kasimov.

The interiors of the halls of the Kasimov Museum of local lore.

Portraits of Admiral Ovinova and Kasimov architect Ivan gagina.

View of one of the halls of the Museum.

Arabella bell in the Museum, cast in the foundry Kislov.

Stands of the Museum dedicated to Mikhail Kislov.

Kislov photographs of different years.

Obituary of Theodor Nette, published in the newspaper.

It is blowing a Blizzard.

Photos of the funeral of T. net.

Newsreel: the daughter and mother T. net during his funeral in February 1926.

The person of the diplomatic courier Mahmastal.

The bare branches of the trees.

The window in the old mansion.

Youth photo M. Kislov.

Photograph of the steamer "Theodore net".

The picture Kasimov street in the 1920-ies.

Winter rural landscape.

Panorama of the city, steps wooden stairs.

Damper on the furnace.

The sister's face Kislova.

Letter Kislova in the hands of his sister.

Portrait of sisters Kislova in his youth.

Portrait Of Mikhail Kislov.

The woman looks out the window.

The filmmakers visiting relatives Kislov, pictures of Kislova on the table.

Seagulls flying over the water.

Portrait Kislova in the form of a cadet of the naval Academy.

The view of the Bay in the far East.

The members of the crew of the submarine on the dock doing morning exercises.

To the diver wearing the suit.

Photograph of the steamer "Theodore net".

Court on the shore on the "ship cemetery".

The ship's bell.

The view of the deck and steering wheel.

Lighthouse on the rock.

Waves in the open sea, flying gull.

Photograph of steamer.

Photos of soldiers and their families on Board the ship.

Portrait Of Kislova.

The old pier in the Harbor of Kamchatka, the remains of the steamer "Theodore net".

A man climbs onto a boat.

Kamchatka landscape.

The remains of ships from the shore.

The sun shines through the foliage.

Newsreel: the interior of the Cabinet Kislova, Kislov behind a Desk.

Newspaper articles about the new ship "Theodore net".

Newspaper clippings on the subject, collected Kislov.

Face Kislova.

View of the stocks of the Baltic shipyard and vessel under construction.

The face of the foreman, the input signals to the crane operator, installation of the hull.

The types of ship under construction.

Riveters at work.

Kislov inspects the joints in the hull of the ship, talking with the workers.

Welders at work.

Calendar: 1992

Locations: Ryazan region [799] Kamchatka Krai [760]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shipyard workers going to the launching ceremony of the newly built steamer "Theodore net".

The boat before launching.

The faces of the participants.

View of the bow of the ship.

Workers shipbuilders on Board the ship.

Kislov among the participants.

Descent "Theodore net" on the water, the faces of the workers shipbuilders.

View of the Vasilievsky island in Leningrad.

Photo Kislova during a meeting with the pioneers.

View of the Alexander column the arch of the General staff.

People on the streets of Leningrad listen to the message on the commissioning of the truck, "Paul Korchagin".

View of ship under construction.

Photograph of composer A. Pakhmutova.

Photo Kislova during a meeting with the Komsomol.

View of the propeller of the descent to the water vessel.

Photo Kislova with my son.

Passengers on Board the ship "Yuri Andropov".

The faces of the children.

Veteran sailors during a visit to the Museum, among them - Kislov.

Portrait Of Kislova.

Winter landscape, boats on a frozen river.

The children run from the school yard.

The pupils in the school hallway during recess.

A veteran of the river fleet during a meeting with students said about the naming Kislova one of the ships, on the organization of river trekking, the trekking route (synchronously).

The faces of students and teachers.

Newspaper clippings on the table.

Students walking on the street.

The headmaster tells about the development of regional movement among the students (synchronously).

Pictures sisters Kislova - Vera Ivanovna.

The head teacher of the school talks about the meetings and joint work with Vera Ivanovna Gladkova (synchronously).

The production process at the factory, patronage of the regional school circle.

Director of the company speaks about the need of contact with students, the benefits of patronage work for the education of the younger shifts (synchronously).

Students with skis run on the street.

High school students are on the street.

Photo Kislova.

Meeting a veteran of the river fleet with the students.

Face students.

Passenger ship is the river.

The faces of the passengers, meeting at the Wharf.

Calendar: 1992

Locations: Ryazan region [799]

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