Lower Povolzhie 1969 № 20 Volgograd movie almanac

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: A. Sergeev

Operators: A. Sofjin, B. Ciperman, V. Sofjin

Text writers: D. Mishneva

Other authors: E. Chinchikova


About the people of Volgograd

Reel №1

Metronome beats rhythm.

Part of the face of the pianist.

Hands on the keys.

Volgograd composer V. N. Semenov opens a curtain, behind a window - destroyed the mill building - the monument of the fighting in Stalingrad.

View of the broken of the mill building.

Volga landscape, people on the waterfront.

View of the monument on the waterfront.

Face Semenova.

View of the monument Motherland on Mamaev hill.

Semenov during the climb to the top of the memorial.

View of buildings and streets of Volgograd.

Semenov looks at the Volga embankment.

Volga landscape, boats on the Volga.

Types of memorial at the square of Fallen Fighters.

Face Semenova.

People at the memorial.

A young army man with a gun in the honor guard at the memorial.

Eternal flame burns.

A veteran of the great Patriotic war D. S. Dobrushin during a meeting with the pioneers face pioneers.

Dobrushin speaks of the importance of Post # 1 in a mass grave at the square of Fallen fighters, on the defensive lines of the 62nd 64th armies, his participation in the battle of Stalingrad, the beginning of the offensive at Stalingrad (synchronously).

The production process in the steel melting shop of the plant "Red October", the Steelworkers at the furnace.

A person steelmaker A. Belousova.

The steelmaking process.

Interior views of the shop.

Panorama factory "Red October".

The monument to the defenders of the plant.

The view of the city block.

Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Belousov is receiving visitors.

Tank on the pedestal at the Volgograd tractor plant.

Transportation of the tractor to a place on the site of the finished products with the help of a crane.

Rotate leading asterisks crawler tractors during tests.

Sending a train of tractors to the customer.

Assembling tractors in one from the factory.

Veteran M. V. Kurin oversees the work of the young worker, gives advice, person Kurina.

The picture of the tractor in the book.

Chicken with a friend at the tea table, the photo of the Volgograd tractor plowing.

Photo Kurina during his stay in Egypt.

Kurin shows the guest your photos.

War veterans are along the broken buildings of Stalingrad mill.

Fragments of the walls of the building, broken window openings.

Veterans go to the new residential quarter.

High-rise residential building.

Types of streets of Volgograd.

Fragments of one of the war memorials.

Hands on the keyboard of a typewriter.

A fragment of the memorial, the view of the mill building.

Copies of the book "the House of soldiers 'fame".

The face of the writer, the participant of defence of Pavlov's House I. F. Afanasiev, undergoing surgery to restore vision.

Afanasiev at the typewriter.

Fragments of military memorials and monuments of Volgograd.

The faces of the veterans of the battle of Stalingrad.

The pioneers stand with banners at his feet.

The views and the panorama of the ceremonies for the laying of wreaths at one of the graves of the defenders of Stalingrad.

The opening of the monument to one of the defenders of Stalingrad, the laying of wreaths at the monument, the faces of the participants.

Wreaths laid at the monument.

Detail of the monument.

The faces of the children.







Composers; Monuments; Industry; Literati