The Distance. (1975)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Morgachev I.

Script writers: Orlov G.

Operators: Morgachev I.


The film is about the history of development of sports in Soviet country.

Sport | Sporting events

Temporary description

The film tells about the development of sport in the USSR. Sports cyclists, runners, skiers, motorcyclists, sambo. Training boxers, cyclists, rowers, swimmers, skaters. Speeches gymnasts O. Korbut and L. Tourischeva, skaters L. Pahovomoy and A. Gorshkov, weightlifter V. Alexeev. Sportswoman N. Chizhov while throwing the nucleus. Moments hockey match between Soviet and Canadian teams. Training athletes in the gym under the supervision of specialists. Training young gymnasts and fencers. Chronicle 1920-1940-s' years: training fencers and track and field athletes, performances skaters; athlete F. Miller throws a disc during the first Games of the peoples of the USSR in 1928; gym parade.

Reel №1

Newsreel of the 20's, showing the first steps in the history of Soviet sport:

The parade of athletes - different plans.

Speech fencers - the general plan.

Athletes throw the disc, spear - the average, a general plan, a game with a ball, jumping sports equipment ("horse") - the general plan, raising the bar - the average plan, swimming - warm-up and swim Women.

Competition athletes - participants run the relay - a common, average plans; runners on the course - the general plan; steeplechase - medium shot, long jump - the average plan.

Competition cyclists - medium, large plans.

Waterfall PNRM. for struggling athletes - General, A panorama.

Motoball - general view, medium, close-up view.

Motorcycling - athletes on the course - the general view.

Of the game of football - different plans.

New methods of training athletes, can reveal physical capabilities.

Training boxers, wrestlers under medical supervision - the average plan.

Training on simulators boxers, cyclists, rowers and athletes training for special trainers - different plans.

Appliances - medium, large plans.

Reel №2

Statement by Soviet gymnasts in the international arena - an exercise with hoop performs G. Shugurova - A panorama, speeches O. Korbut on the uneven bars and balance beam - the average plan.

Speech gymnast on rings and on exercise equipment (horse) - the average plan.

L. Turischeva performs floor exercises - A panorama.

Skaters LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov and other couples - A panorama.

Javelin and disc athletes - middle view, close-up.

High jump - A panorama.

F. Miller throws the disc - the general plan, flying disc - close-up.

Awarding of the winners (Hall) - large, medium plans.

An athlete jumping from the tower and in the water after the jump - A panorama.

Things girls under coach shaped swimming - different plans.

Young athletes in the park - different training, trampolining - medium shot (shot zoom).

Riders - panorama of the average plan (shot zoom).

Fencing classes under the supervision of a coach - different plans.

Surf - the general view.

Seagull above the sea - A panorama.

Cliffhanger - medium shot (shot zoom).

Yachts (sports) in the sea - a large pan.

Hockey game - moments of the game - different plans.

Spectators in the stands - the general view.

Reel №3

Of the game of hockey - the total, medium, large panoramas.

Responsive audience in the stands - general, large panoramas.

Vasily Alexeev raises the bar - a common, big plans.

Weightlifter feet - close-up

Year-old Arthur Parshin (he swims with a seven-day old) in the pool with their parents - large, medium pan, different plans.

Rowing competition on single kayak - total, average panorama.

Trained skaters at the rink - the general view.

Sea - trained swimmers - A panorama.

Drawings by children on sports themes - different plans.

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