Volga lights № 1 In the pages of "Kinotavra". (1997)

Newsreel №76610, 1 part, duration: 0:10:35, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Ibragimova
Camera operators:N. Kotov
Anouncers:Yu. Chibryakov
Sound producer:T. Burakova


The issue is dedicated to the history of the lower Volga newsreel Studio, the release of the Saratov film dictionary, and tells about the fate of film actors and cinema figures whose names are associated with Saratov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cover of the first edition of the Saratov film dictionary.

Participants of the presentation of the "Kynosoura" is considered a book.

Participants of the presentation in the auditorium.

The Creator of "Kinoslovar" film critic E. Barykin, speaking from the stage, thanks colleagues for their attention to his work and participation in the meeting, thanks the employees of theaters and the lower Volga newsreel Studio, Saratov television, who helped him prepare the publication, speaks about the number of personalities mentioned in "Kinoslovar" (synchronously).

Faces of the audience in the hall, cameramen are filming movies and videos.

Portraits of Russian actor Ivan Mozzhukhin, a famous Russian actors Sergei Filippov, E. Lebedeva in the "Kinotavra".

Frame from the x / movie "Chapaev".

A portrait of Boris Babochkin in the role of Chapaev.

People walk past the front of the theater.

The audience takes their seats in the cinema hall.

Film in the tape-drawing mechanism of a movie projector.

The lights go out in the hall.

Fragment x/film "the Great life" with the participation of Boris Andreyev and Pyotr Aleinikov.

Panorama of the embankment in Saratov and the view of the bridge over the Volga.

Fragments of a d / film made for the anniversary of B. Andreev in 1965.

Andreev on the Saratovskaya embankment.

Andreev talks to a man fishing with a fishing rod.

View of the building of the lower Volga newsreel Studio.

A sign with the name of the Studio.

The cameraman is shooting.

Types of Chernyshevsky square in Saratov.

View and panorama of the house number 5 on Kirov Avenue, where the Studio was located before the war.

Film Director Yu.

Chibryakov tells where and in what parts of the building were the divisions of the film Studio (synchronously).

Newsreel of the 1930s: a cameraman is shooting a bandy match.

Screen saver of one of the issues of the newsreel "Lower Volga".

Views of streets and buildings in Saratov in the late 1930s.

View of the old Opera house building.

The types of Prospekt Kirova.

Awarding gifts to one of the oldest cinematographers of the Studio A. Sofin in the 1960s.

Sofyin gives a speech of gratitude.

Front-line cameraman A. Sofyin is shooting the fighting of Soviet troops in Stalingrad.

Street battle in Stalingrad.

Cameraman D. Ibragimov puts on a flight helmet before taking off for aerial filming.

Ibragimov before boarding the plane.

Soviet bombers are flying on a combat mission.

Members of the Studio at work.

The installation of the next scenario.

The film crew before leaving for the shooting site.

Monument to the writer Konstantin Fedin in Saratov.

Shooting in Saratov of the film based on Fedin's novel "First joys" in 1955.

Director Vladimir Basov on the set.

Actor Vladimir Druzhnikov in the role Tsvetukhina.

Fragments of the film.

Actor Yuri Kayurov gives an interview, fragments of the x / movie "July 6" with the participation of Yu.

Kaurova in the role of V. I. Lenin.

View of the building of the Saratov theater school.


Students of the school during a meeting with B. Andreev.

Photos of film actors V. Konkin, E. Mironov, who graduated from school.

Photo of a scene from a performance of one of the Saratov theaters with the participation of school graduates V. Fedotova and A. Mikhailov.

View of the new cinema building in Saratov.

Portrait of the actor V. Dvorzhetsky on the page "Kinotavra".

Portrait of actress N. Alisova.

Poster of the play "Idiot" with O. Yankovsky in the lead role.

Portraits of the actor O. Tabakov in his youth.

Cameraman shooting the bridge over the Volga, view of the bridge.

Cameraman O. Selugin with a camera on his shoulder.

Fragment of a movie about the last tests of the bridge in 1965.

The ship sails under the bridge.

Engineers are finishing final preparations for testing the bridge.

Dump trucks with cargo before the start of the test passage over the bridge.

Fragments of the film "the bridge is being Built" in 1064.

Actors O. Efremov and M. Kozakov during filming.

Director A. Sergeev and cameraman D. Ibragimov during the editing of the story about the bridge tests.

Boxes of film on the shelves of the film storage of the Studio.

Keeper at work.

Meeting of the staff of the lower Volga newsreel Studio, faces of Director D. Lunkov and other participants of the meeting.

The daughter of the operator Ibragimov Director Alina Ibragimova at the sound editing table.

Participants of the presentation of the "Saratov film dictionary" in the hall.

A Copy Of The Movie Dictionary.


Andreev Boris Fedorovich -- theater and film actor Kozakov Mihail Mihajlovich -- actor, Director of theater, film and television Chibryakov Yurij Aleksandrovich -- film Director, screenwriter Sofjin Avenir Petrovich -- the cameraman of the documentary film Ibragimov David Mihajlovich -- the cameraman of the documentary film Basov Vladimir Pavlovich -- actor, film Director, screenwriter Druzhnikov Vladimir Vasiljevich -- theater and film actor Kayurov Yurij Ivanovich -- theater and film actor Shelyugin Oleg Borisovich -- cameraman Efremov Oleg Nikolaevich -- actor and Director of theater and cinema, theater worker

Calendar: 1997

Locations: Saratov region [801]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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