Volga lights № 25 They live on the don land (1987)

Newsreel №76740, 1 part, duration: 0:09:32, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Ibragimova, D. Cherneckij
Camera operators:V. Sofjin
Text authors:N. Zareckaya
Other authors:D. Popova


The issue is dedicated to the residents of the villages of the Podtelkovsky district of the Volgograd region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Rural summer landscape.

Panorama of a wheat field, a team of machine operators at the combine.

Presentation of flowers and certificates in the field to young machine operators-leaders.

Faces of machine operators.

Combine on a selection of rolls.

The rotating reel of the combine.

The combine operator's face.

Crane driver in the cab.

Construction of one of the rural objects.

View of a building under construction, running a concrete mixer.

Construction of a rural house.

A man leads a horse by the reins.

Crawling already.

Grasshopper on a grass stalk.

The face of A. Timofeev, who came to the Podtelkovsky district from the North.

It floats on water.

Timofeev grazes a herd, sitting on a horse.

Herd by the lake.

Timofeev sits in the saddle, a panorama of a field irrigated by sprinklers.

Panorama of the area, ravines and gullies.

Rooster in the yard.

A girl feeding chickens.

A woman feeds piglets in a pen.

A boy waters a horse from a bucket.

Timofeev hobbles the horse.

Timofeev's wife milks a cow.

Children's faces.

A woman pours milk from a jar into a mug.

Children drink fresh milk.

Children play with their mother in the yard.

Timofeev with his wife and children will register the newborn in the village Council.

The ceremony of registration, the faces of the children.

Timofeev with a child in his arms.

Birth certificate in the name of Sergey Timofeev.

Timofeev mows the grass at the edge of the grove.

Loading hay on a cart.

Tractor with hay leaves the field.

Timofeev's Face.

Horse bathing in the river.

Cossack checkers on the wall.

Antique clock on the wall.

Collection of pocket watches.

Dishes on the shelves.

Interior of one of the rooms of the village house.

An elderly woman performs an old Cossack song with dancing.

Recording a song on a tape recorder, the faces of ethnographers.

An elderly woman walks along the path between the houses.

Paintings by A.V. Agafonov depicting the life of the Cossacks during the civil war.

Self-Portrait Of Agafonov.

River landscape, behind the scenes sounds Agafonov's story about his life and work (synchronously).

Men with fishing rods go down to the shore.

Agafonov paints a picture in nature.

Paintings created by Agafonov.

Wedding in the village of Glazunov.

The face of a young man in a Cossack cap.

Newlyweds at the drawn chaise.

The wedding moves through the streets of the village, flanked by riders in Cossack clothing.

Meeting of young people in the parents ' house, women sing a sad song.

Newlyweds break off pieces from the loaf, give each other.

The bride's face.

The face of an elderly woman.

A resident of the village holds a horse by the bridle.

Decoration on the horse's headband.

Two men are talking to each other.

Agafonov paints a picture on the river Bank.

The landscape on the easel.

Agafonov's Face.

Summer landscape (panorama).

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Volgograd region [773]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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