The Truth and the Lie.. (1975)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.

Script writers: Medvedkin A.

Operators: Skachkov I.


The film tells about our help to the Chinese people in their fight against the Japanese aggressors, about the main role of the Sovier Army in the defeat of Kvantuansky army in 1945.

Temporary description

Passage of war veterans on Red Square. Laying flowers at the monuments. GDR. Monument to Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park. Military Personnel news: Chinese people in the area meets the Soviet soldiers who liberated the Manchuria in 1945, rides the cavalry, tankers. Fighting in Manchuria. Shoot "Katyusha", is the Kwantung Army, the Japanese planes fly. The tank attack. Captured by the Japanese. Welcome letter from residents of Harbin. Supports young Mao Tse-Tung. Events in the Ussuri River. Chinese waving quotations. Victims of Chinese provocation. Classes agitkruzhka. The Chinese read the newspaper. Industrial landscape of Manchuria. Military Factory. LEP. A herd of sheep. Members of the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Meeting. Soviet troops in China. Education of Chinese soldiers. The transfer of Soviet military base at Port Arthur. Hills of Manchuria. Says Mao Tse-Tung. X Congress of the Maoists. Columns of demonstrators. Working peasants. Military action. Maoists with posters.

Reel №1

May 9, 1975

War veterans held on Red Square on the day of the thirtieth victory over fascism - medium, large panorama.

Veterans of the Bolshoi Theater, hugging female pilots - A panorama.

Detail of monument to the heroes of Panfilov at Dubosekovo patrol near Moscow - the average plan

Veterans lay a wreath at the monument - medium, large plans.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park in Berlin - the general plan.

Animation: Chinese newspaper, there is an inscription in Russian: "The Soviet Union assumed the glory of victory over fascism in order to cover their unsightly appearance" - close-up.

Poster "Soviet-Chinese friendship", a panorama on the poster - close-up.

Newsreel 1945:

Chinese people are rejoicing in the area - the overall plan.

Pass of the Soviet Army, which liberated Manchuria, the Chinese welcome Soviet soldiers - panorama, close-up.

Cavalry passes, passing tanks - panorama.

Jubilant Chinese - large, medium panorama.

Scroll - greeting the Soviet Army in length 717 meters - close-up.

Interview with General Army Beloborodova a meeting of the Soviet Army the Chinese people in 1945 (synchronous) - close-up.

Newsreel 1969:

Red Guards waving Quoter on the river.

Ussuri - close-up.

Drop dead Soviet border guard - the average plan.

Crying girl - close-up.

Are the coffins with the dead Soviet soldiers - panorama.

Crying relatives of those killed - the average plan.

Red Guards waving Quoter, shout - big plans.

Maoist agitator speaks at the square in front of the Chinese people - close-up.


Agitators - big plans.

Classes agitkruzhka - panorama.

Family at the table, reading quotes Mao Tse Tung, read the newspaper - panorama.

Chinese read newspapers - big plans.

The newspaper "People's Daily" - close-up.

Newsreel 1945:

Passing the Soviet tanks, shoot "Katyusha" and lights up the earth, flying airplanes, tank attack, artillery commands, shooting guns - large, medium-sized plans.

Charge instrument; shoots cannon falls sleeve - large, medium plans.

Explosions - the overall plan.

Animation: Card defeat of the Kwantung Army in Japan through joint actions of the Soviet Army, the Mongolian People's Army, the People's Liberation Army of China and the Korean guerrillas - the average plan.

Are soldiers of the Kwantung Army - the average plan.

Propeller plane - close-up.

Japanese planes taking off - general plans.

Japanese guns firing, explosions - the average, the overall plan.

Soviet firing guns - medium, large plans.

Japanese prisoners sitting - general view.

Held captive Japanese officers - the average plan.

Young Mao Zedong speaking at a rally with words of praise to the Soviet Union - the close-up.



Mao Zedong is sitting in a chair, talking - close-up.

Hills of Manchuria - panorama.

M / work.

Map of Manchuria - the average plan.


Industrial landscape of Manchuria, smokestacks - panorama.

Bucket with coal; excavator - big plans.

Shop steel plant; panorama of bruskam metal - a common, big plans.

Military Factory - the overall plan.

Power Lines - panorama.

A flock of sheep - close-up

Manchuria landscape - panorama.

M / work.

Map of Manchuria - the average plan

Pass the Soviet tanks and cavalry - a common, average plans.

Shoot "Katyusha" - the general plan.

According to the city passing tanks, "Katyusha", Chinese people rejoice - the average, the overall plan.


Mao Zedong is sitting in a chair - close-up.

Newsreel 1945:

Serves young Mao Zedong with words of praise to the Red Army - close-up.


Colonel-General Ivan Lyudnikov shares memories about the sayings of Mao Tse-tung of the Soviet Army (synchronous) - close-up.

Animation: Manchuria map - close-up.

Newsreel 1945:

Are soldiers of the Kwantung Army, lay down their arms, are boxes of ammunition, are captured by Japanese soldiers - average, panorama.

Animation: American Ambassador telegram to President Truman demanding to bind the Japanese command to surrender their weapons only to the government of Chiang Kai-shek - close-up.

Reel №2

Army General Beloborodov says that all the weapons seized from the Japanese, the Soviet command smacked of the People's Revolutionary Army of China (synchronous) - close-up.


Residents of Manchuria with the slogans of the revolution on the streets of the city, the Chinese are the slogans - panorama.

M / work.

Telegram to President of the American ambassador to strengthen the Communists in China - a close-up.

The Chinese at the rally - a common, panorama of.

Sitting members of the Northeast Bureau of the CPC Central Committee - the average plan

Gao Gan, Chen Yun, Zhang Wen Tian, ​​Li Fu-chun, Lin Biao's sitting at the table - medium, large plans.

Are members of the Command of the Soviet armed forces, sit Soviet soldiers - a common, average plans.

Bureau of the CPC Central Committee meeting - the average plan.

Member of the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee speaking at a meeting, listen to the Chinese - the average, the overall plan.

Classes fighters Chinese People's Revolutionary Army - the average plan.

The commander says soldiers captured a machine gun unit - the average plan.

Car ride, the soldiers dipped boxes of ammunition in the car driven by the soldiers gun, riding tanks - medium, the overall plan.

The section of the Sino-Chan Chunskoy railway train rides - the average plan.

The sea, the naval base of Port Arthur - the overall plan.

Filming in 1975

Sitting at a table I. Lyudnikov, former member of the military council of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Zakharov AI director CSDF Medvedkin - the average plan.

Admiral Zakharov said the transfer of the Chinese People's Revolutionary Army Far ports and Port Arthur along with the ships and submarines - (synchronous) - close-up.


Soviet sailors leaving Port Arthur - the overall plan.

City - the overall plan.

Hills of Manchuria - panorama.

Monument, the inscription on the monument "Eternal glory to the fighters who fell in 1904 for the Russian fortress of Port Arthur" - the average plan.

Soviet sailors lay wreaths at the monument, commemorating the dead - the average plan.


Mao Zedong is sitting in a chair - close-up.

Animation: the magazine "China", a scientific journal, that talk about the defeat of the Japanese aggressors Chinese revolutionary forces under the direct leadership of Mao Zedong - big plans.

Card in the magazine - close-up


Mao Zedong stands before the people; demonstrators pass, carry a statue of Mao - the average, panorama.

Mao Zedong from the podium welcomes protesters - a common, average plans.

Jubilant columns Chinese walk past the podium - the average, the overall plan.

Photo: X Congress of the "Maoists" - the presidium, applauding delegates; Mao Zedong at the congress - a common, average plans.

The Chinese were listening to the Mao Zedong; shouting toasts in honor of Mao and curses against the Soviet Union - the average, common, big plans.

Chinese newsreel:

The peasants in the field, take off rockets; peasants fled, taking the gun and start the fire at an imaginary opponent, the Chinese lay mines, mines explode - different plans.

Farmers back on the field, fold arms - the average plan.

Passing the Chinese riding - total, average plans.

Farmers working in the fields - the average, the overall plan.

Sit "Maoists" pass "Maoists" with placards brandished Quoter - average plans.

Farmers working in the fields, harvest, plow the land - the average, the overall plan