Lower Povolzhie № 12 (1962)

Newsreel №77050, 1 part, duration: 0:06:50, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:V. Tyuhmenev
Camera operators:S.Avloshenko, D. Ibragimov, A. Sofjin, A. Buldakov, K. Lavigin
Other authors:L. Morshneva


Issue devoted to various aspects of life Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Tambov regions and Kalmykia Republic.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Bean - fields.

View down a village street, passing truck.

Honor roll farm "Decanski" in Tambov region.

Meeting with the Director of the farm according to the structure acreage.

The faces of the participants.

Soil map of state farm land.

Varietal seeds prepared for sowing.

The conversion of cultivated plants to soil application of fertilizers in place of seed.

The lesson in agriculture.

Elista is built.

Construction of residential houses in Elista, the faces of the builders.

View of building under construction (above).

Masonry crews Goncharov at work.

Person Goncharova and members of his team.

Construction of residential pulp, the panorama of the construction of the quarter.

The use of limestone in the construction of buildings.

New houses in Elista.

Automatic factory.

View of the shop Kamyshin glass plant.

Automated manufacturing process in the factory workshops and mater watching the glass melting process.

Automatic installation of the finished glass jars on a conveyor belt.

Factory innovators in the shop during the meeting, the faces of the innovators.

The new fixtures for the production of double the number of cans.

The foreman oversees the Scars created by the device, twice the accelerating relocation of glassware.

The work of the automated lines of the plant.

From Astrakhan confectioners.

The finished products of the Astrakhan candy factory.

Automated production processes in the factory.

Coating candy with chocolate.

Boxes of candy at the warehouse of finished products.

Masters of embroidery.

The process of machine embroidery patterns on the Saratov factory "Embroidery".

Samples of embroidered patterns.

View embroidery shop.

The face of the foreman of the M. P. Volkova.

The veteran production Z. V. Kozhevnikova at work.

Visitors in the exhibition hall of the Saratov masters of embroidery, open in the Saratov art Museum im.


Samples of the embroidery in the exhibition, faces of the visitors.

Diploma and bronze medal of the International exhibition at Brussels, which awarded the product with Saratov embroidery.

The fight in the ring.

View of the ring during his next Boxing match for the championship of the Russian Boxing Federation in Volgograd (above).

Episodes of the match.

The jury monitors the progress of the match.

Duel of boxers in the light heavyweight Rozhkova and Sumatohin, coaches and fans watching the game.

Signal by striking the Gong about the end of the match.

Boxers shake hands with each other.

The award of the Rozhkova diplomas.

The referee in the ring to announce the victory of the boxer konyahina heavy weight.

Presentation Konyahina diplomas.

Calendar: 1962

Locations: Volgograd [946] Saratov region [801] Volgograd region [773] Astrakhan region [769] Tambov region [805] Republic of Kalmykia [744]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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