Lower Povolzhie № 19 (1962)

Newsreel №77056, 1 part, duration: 0:06:25, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:Ya. Volovik
Camera operators:S. Avloshenko, D. Ibragimov, B. Ciperman, A. Sofjin, Yu. Selivanov
Other authors:G. Kovalev


Issue devoted to various aspects of life Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Tambov regions and Kalmykia Republic.

Reel №1

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Will be 70!

The foreman of the farm "Krasinski" Tambov region V. Surguchev sits on the bike.

Surguchev travels by motorcycle on the road, goes to work.

Surguchev and his partner V. Panov poured into the hoppers of seed unit seed corn.

Surguchev Salida tractor, gentry becomes seeder.

Conducting planting corn.

Surguchev driving a tractor.

Lords on the seeding implement.

Durable and cheap.

Steppe feather grass bends in the wind.

The mining process of limestone in Coloramerican career and the Kalmyk ASSR.

Cut limestone bricks.

Bricks of limestone.

Best in the area.

Selection and checking of eggs in gorodishchensky hatchery in the Volgograd region.

Setting the tray of eggs in incubator chamber.

Transporting the trays with the eggs to incubation chambers.

View of the hatchery.

Removing and Seating the boxes svezhevypechennye chickens.

On a voluntary basis.

Meeting of the employees of Kamyshin Museum, organized by the pensioners on a voluntary basis.

The faces of the participants.

Public Museum Director K. D. Bible discusses the design of the new exposure.

The exhibits in the Museum, the faces of the visitors.

Stands and photos on the pilot AP Maresyev.

Visitors view the layout of a truck crane in one of the halls of the Museum.

The students view a picture on the wall of one of the halls of the Museum.

Students face, the picture on the wall.

Panorama of one of the halls of the Museum, visitors view the exhibits.

New gardens.

Types of Apple orchards on the farm "Dawn" in the Tambov region.

Gardeners visiting the flowers on the branches.

View of the territory, where laid a new garden.

Drilling holes under the trees.

Farmers plant trees in the new garden.

View the new garden.

Is Putin.

View of the bow of a fishing boat.

Installation raskatyvaete network at the stern of the vessel in the Astrakhan region.

Brigadier A. Inozemtsev goes into the water.

Fishermen pull nets.

The overload of the catch from the nets into the boats.

Sort of small and large fish.

The poster presentation of cellist Natalia Gutman in Saratov.

Gutman takes the piece of music to the accompaniment of the piano.


Gutman Nataliya Grigorjevna -- cellist, teacher

Calendar: 1962

Locations: Tambov region [805] Volgograd region [773] Astrakhan region [769] Saratov region [801] Republic of Kalmykia [744]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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