Lower Povolzhie № 15 (1963)

Newsreel №77090, 1 part, duration: 0:06:49, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:V. Tyuhmenev
Camera operators:Yu. Selivanov, A. Sofjin, S. Avloshenko


Issue devoted to various aspects of life Saratov, Volgograd and Tambov regions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ulyanovs in Saratov.

The author of the book "the Ulyanovs in Saratov" R. I. Polyakova speaks discovered while working on the book interesting archival documents about the revolutionary work of Lenin's sisters in Saratov, about the life of Anna and Maria Ulyanov Saratov, homes where they rented apartments, their correspondence with Lenin, who lived in Paris, about the revolutionary activities of the sisters Ulyanov in the city, creating the city party organization and its defeat of the secret police, on the role of stay Ulyanov Saratov (synchronously).

Photo of the house number 7 on Pankratjevas street where originally settled sisters Ulyanovs.

Photo of the house on the Street.

Ugolnikova, 26.

The texts of Lenin's letters from Paris, included in Complete works.

Fragments of police registration cards Ulyanov.

Photo of Maria Ulyanova, made at the time of arrest.

The main types of conveyor Volgograd tractor plant, tractor Assembly.

Workers perform manufacturing operations.

Once the tractor is directed to the exit of the shop.

Transportation of the tractor with a crane, setting it on the railway platform.

Visitors view the stands and exhibits of the products of the enterprises of the Volga economic Council.

Stands and exhibits, visitors ' faces.

Refrigerator "Saratov", presented at the exhibition.

Household watch different models presented at the exhibition.

Leather goods.

Visitors view the articles in the garment factories.

Samples of crystal glassware.

Panorama hall meeting economic asset of the Volga economic region in Saratov.

Lena of the Presidium took their places.

View of the hall.

The Chairman of the economic Council chebotarevsky, the chief "Glavpivtrest" Andreev, business leaders and innovators speak from the podium.

The view of the Presidium.

The Chairman of the Council of national economy of the USSR Afanasiev, Secretary of the Saratov industrial regional Committee of the CPSU Shibaev speak from the podium, the participants of the meeting listening to the speakers.

Participants in the meeting applauded.

Working Tambov instrument-making plant machines.

Face Turner Tolchanova, the treatment process is detail.

Turners Egorov, Peshkov, Burdakov at work, working person.

Master Tolstoshein discusses with Bulgakovym production issue.

The processes of machining machine tools.

Peshkov and Burdakov grind the parts on the machines.

Spare parts for tractors and harvesters produced per shift.

The opening of the final games of the 3rd Spartakiade RSFSR in Volgograd.

The rise of the flag of the RSFSR.

Team in the ranks.

Episodes of volleyball matches, the faces of the fans.

The fans applaud the winning team.

Presentation of Cup to the captain of the winning in the competition of the volleyball team.

Face Krasnodar volleyball.

Awarding prizes to the players of Krasnodar.

The awarding of the men's volleyball team from Rostov-on-don.


Afanasjev Sergej Aleksandrovich -- state and political figure Shibaev Aleksej Ivanovich -- state, political and trade unionist

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Volgograd [946] Saratov region [801] Tambov region [805]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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