Lower Povolzhie № 19 (1964)

Newsreel №77130, 1 part, duration: 0:10:18, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:V. Tyuhmenev
Camera operators:D. Ibragimov, V. Mitin, S. Avloshenko, I. Andreevskij, L. Denisov, A. Sofjin, V. Sofjin


Issue devoted to various aspects of life Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Tambov regions and Kalmykia Republic.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Decisions of the February Plenum in life.

Ripening ears of wheat swaying in the wind.

The user of one of the farms of the Virgin district of the Kalmyk ASSR viraat about the degree of maturity of crops.

Harvesting grain harvesters in the farm "land of the Soviets".

Combine the helm.

Panorama of the field with an oblique swaths of wheat.

Harvesting with a tractor and a harvester.

Mechanic I. Drozd driving a tractor.

The selection of rolls mown combine.

Threshed grain poured out of the sleeve of the combine.

Agronomist checks the quality of grain.

A truck with grain is sent to the receiving point.

Tractor farm "Rivne" Saratov region on the line of readiness.

The mechanics of Engels Department inspect agricultural machinery of the farm, adopt experience of colleagues.

Start the combine with the help of the starter.

Demonstration of a harvester adapted to self-propelled harvester.

Combine the helm.

Harvesting beans with a combine.

View of the fields of corn grown by the method Pervitsky in state farm "Reconstruction" of the Volgograd region.

Filling fertilizer hoppers sowing unit for re-feeding of corn.

The process of feeding corn fertilizers.

Agronomists in the field inspecting corn stalks.

The Komsomol.

Types of construction of the superphosphate plant near the village of Uvarovka in the Tambov region.

Installation of reinforced concrete roof of one of the factory buildings.

Crane operator in the cab.

Move round tower.

Types of construction site.

A welder at work.

The masons are laying brick in the construction of houses of the factory of the future village.

The builders of the Komsomol youth brigades at work.

Rink umatyvaet the road.

Fish and chemistry.

Sturgeon fry in tanks on Board the vessel at Bertuliskan fishery in the Astrakhan region to send them into the Caspian sea.

Start fry in the tank.

In conducting laboratory studies on the effect of chemical elements on food resources of water bodies.

The aquarium with sturgeon, in the water, one of which added superphosphate.

The observation of the result of the study.

Helicopter sprays superphosphate over the pond.


Construction of motorway Moscow-Volgograd on the territory of Tambov region, equipment in the construction.

Mechanized process of carrying out a complex of road construction works, the construction of the roadway.

The faces of the drivers packing machines V.

Vinogradov, A. Zlenko, V. Mitrichev.

Guaraniana road surface.

The view of the roadway on one of the ready-made plots.

In the woods.

Girl Faith Shitova shoots in the woods with a hunting rifle.

Shitov goes through the woods.

Daisies in the meadow.

SITA collects a bouquet of flowers.

The chamomile flower.

Butterfly on a flower.

Face hunters Shitova father's and grandfather's Faith.

Summer forest landscapes.

Shitovy deeper into the forest.

Deer in the woods, one of Shitova looking through binoculars.

"Flower of life".

Fragments of the play the Kalmyk drama on the story "Flower of life" played in the open air to the pioneers of the Republican young pioneer camp, children's faces.

Pioneers presented flowers to the artists after the performance.

Artists talk with pioneers.

Sports news.

Competitions in races on water scooters championship of the Eastern zone in Volgograd, the judge gives the go-ahead flag from the vessel.

The driver of the overturned scooter swims to shore.

Those members of the winning team from Voronezh.

Awarding of the winners in the individual competition V. Zhikhareva O. Water.

The faces of the winners.

The participants applaud the winners.

Fans one of the stands of the stadium in Volgograd.

The players of the Brazilian football team Flamengo and the national team of the RSFSR on the field.

Players exchange bouquets of flowers.

Fragments of a football match, the faces of the fans.

Goal against the national team of the RSFSR.

Calendar: 1964

Locations: Republic of Kalmykia [744] Saratov region [801] Astrakhan region [769] Tambov region [805] Volgograd region [773] Volgograd [946]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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