Lower Povolzhie 1966 № 36

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Operators: L. Denisov, L. Zheltuhin, G. Kovalev, G. Matis, Yu. Selivanov, V. Sofjin, O. Shelyugin

Other authors: V. Bajnov, G. Bojnenkov, L. Burlak


The issue is dedicated to the end of 1966 in the USSR, and the Kalmyk ASSR, Saratov and Volgograd regions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The view of red square with Spasskaya tower and the Kremlin Palace of congresses.

Podgorny N. In.

MA Suslov, Li Brezhnev in the Presidium of the 23rd Congress of the CPSU.

The delegates in the hall applauded.

Brezhnev appears from the rostrum.

Panorama of the meeting room of the Congress (top).

Technique for laying the pipeline.

Strip one of the sections of the pipeline.

Panorama and types of construction of industrial plant in Siberia.

Tractors plowing the fields.

The work of the irrigation systems on the fields.

Harvester at harvest.

Threshed grain poured into a truck.

Collective participants in the meeting applauded.

Performed by one of the speakers.

Demonstrations of solidarity with the people of Vietnam.

Meeting in Moscow, French President Charles De Gaulle.

A. N. Kosygin next to De Gaulle.

Honor guard passes in front of De Gaulle's solemn March.

The ceremony of registration of marriage in wedding Palace city.

The Registrar says her parting words.

The bride and groom sign the register.

The faces of the bride and the Registrar.

The couple congratulate each other.

Relatives and friends congratulate the newlyweds.

Guest makes a toast at the wedding table.

Guests at the table applauded.

Newlyweds kissing.

The winter forest.

Skiers on a walk in the woods.

Skating at the rink.

The view of the building of the Saratov sanatorium-forest school.

The students venue in the classrooms during lessons.

Students perform laboratory work in physics, experiments with electricity.

The classroom work in one of the Junior class.

Children glue boxes of paper.

View of the dining room the school dining room.

Students of the school during lunch.

High school dance-enku during a dance lesson.

Open window.

Dance lesson in the senior class.

The view of the school building.

Gifts intended for the winners of the Republican contest of Amateur art in Kalmykia Republic.

The performance of one of the dance groups, the audience in the hall.

The performance of one of the participants of the contest to the accompaniment of the dombra.

The audience applauded.

The performance of the women's dance group, face the audience.

Acts orchestra of Kalmyk folk instruments, the faces of the musicians.

The audience applauded, the view of the auditorium (above).

The view of the television tower in Saratov.

Installation of equipment for television broadcasts.

View hardware before trial inclusion.

Cameramen have cameras in the Studio before the rehearsal.

The face of the speaker reading a text of congratulations to the New year.


Brezhnev Leonid Iljich -- state and political figure
Suslov Mihail Andreevich -- state and political figure
Podgornij Nikolaj Viktorovich -- state and political figure
Kosigin Aleksej Nikolaevich -- state and political figure
De Gollj Sharlj Andre Zhozef Mari -- French statesman and politician, military leader




Volgograd region
Saratov region
Republic of Kalmykia



Congress of the CPSU; Political figures; Agriculture; Education; Childhood and youth; Amateur performances; Media; Russian cities and regions
CPSU activity; Domestic policy; Policy; Biography; Sectors of the economy; Social life; National culture; Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Geography and Nature