A Tale About Our Cities. (1975)

Documentary №7724, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:19
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Pumpyanskaya S.
Screenwriters:Petrovskiy R.
Camera operators:Skachkov I.


A film tells about the news in urban planning in USSR cities: Moscow, Zelenograd, Sochi, Khiva, Navoi, Suzdal.

Temporary description:

1h. Construction of apartment houses in Moscow. Start of construction: frame Chronicle. Zelenograd: designing social objects. 2h. The problem of mass housing construction after the war: personnel Chronicle. Definition of social and architectural environment for the residents of the city of Vilnius as an example: where it is more convenient to live in the Old City or new buildings. 3h. Features of the architecture of cities in Central Asia for example, the city of Khiva, Navoi. Old Russian architecture of Suzdal.

Reel №1

Virtual tour of new building projects.

Moscow, the Kremlin.

One of the squares of Moscow, blooming tulips.

It takes a girl.

People on the street.

People pass on Red Square.

Newsreel 1920 - 1930-s:

Red Square, Moscow streets.


Demolition of the old house.

Working crane.

Builders at work.

Construction of new homes.

New homes.

Relocation of a new building.

Settlers in the new apartment.

Working in the cafeteria, in the library.

People play volleyball, boating.

Modern Survey - was


Wedding procession passes through the streets of the city.

The bride and groom visiting the buildings in Zelenograd.

People on the streets, buildings, cinemas, shops "Ocean", the restaurant "Russian forest" in


Pass students, children play.

Modern apartment in Zelenograd - kitchen, bathroom, laundry.

Sochi - new houses on the beach, relax.

Cafe in the "Russian style".

Visitors to the cafe, children eating ice cream.

Vacationers at the bar.

Reel №2

Holidaymakers on the beach in Sochi - different plans.

Newsreel 1920-1930 period:

The inscription "Country resort Livadia."

Arrival of tourists.

People come out of the car.

Vacationers are reading, sunbathing, woman knits.

Contemporary photography: New building in


Pass students.

Pioneer Camp "Falcon".

Children do exercises on the beach.

Children in the treatment room.

Dining room.

Girl eating a pear.

Children play with a ball on the beach, build houses out of sand.

Newsreel 1945.

Destroyed during the war of (removed from the plane) - different plans.

Children learn in the ruined school.

It is a woman with a child.

Modern Survey - Construction of new homes.

Passing car.

Vilnius - the street of the city skyline, the building, are people, children Kolyako.

The new district of Vilnius Lazdynai.

Pass students.

New street, new houses, shop.

Children in the nursery playing with toys.

Children play on the playground in the yard.

Interview Lenin Prize architect V.Chekanaskasa (synchronously).

Panorama from the Neris River in the new district Lazdynai.

New homes in the area.

Bank of the river Neris, the view through the bridge area Lazdynai.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Khiva - Panorama.

One of the streets of the city, are residents.

Hand in

Khiva - sell melons and grapes.

Along the street are elderly.

Desert (filmed from left).

Navoi - removed from the accident.

The monument in the park.


New buildings in the city.

The streets of

Navoi, are children.


Panorama - City

The Kremlin, Moscow.

The church, an old mansion.

Woman buying flowers, the street people go.

Talking girl The girl with ice cream.

Transport on the streets of Moscow.

Kalinin Avenue (shot from left).

Suzdal - a panorama.


Working students and restorers - general, large, medium plans.

General plans for the city.

Church, the Cathedral.

Watching tourists.

Nativity Cathedral, Archbishop's House, Tsarekonstantinovskaya church.

Watching tourists.

Moscow - new areas of the city, the streets, the new home.

Along the street are children.

Red Square - the overall plan.

Moscow - shot from above (general plans).

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