The Army, My Life.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Babushkin Ya.

Operators: Osipov I.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.

Text writers: Tserkover E.


The film hero is a warrant officer serving in the Turmenian Military District unit.


Defense and internal security

Reel №1

Ensign Saydametov tells his life story at a party meeting (synchronously).

Officers listened Saydametova.

Saydametov tells his life story (synchronously).

Ensign Saydametov before the formation of his platoon.

Saydametov examines the appearance of soldiers.

Saydametov during a dinner at a soldier's canteen.

Saydametov supervises maintenance of military equipment.

Service infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

Saydametov carries a theoretical lesson on fire training with subordinates.

Soldiers in the classroom during class.

Those soldiers.

Saydametov draws on the board trajectory of a bullet.

Soldiers outline the explanation of the commander.

Saydametov explains soldiers device Kalashnikov machine gun.

Soldiers carried out a partial dismantling of the machine gun and explain the details of the appointment.

Saydametova person.

Saydametov engaged in remedial class.

Saydametov classes on the study material of the military equipment.

Those soldiers.

Saydametov tells a subordinate unit of the separate units of military equipment.

Saydametov holds tactical exercise on the range.

Fighting technique overcomes obstacles.

The face of the driver of BMP. BMP obstacle.

The officers in the room tankodromnoy tower.

Control targets.

The targets are raised.

The face of the driver.

BMPs are firing on the move.

The defeat of the target.

Saydametov writes the result of firing.

Passing BMP. BMP Tracks in the mud.

The face of the driver.

BMP's stalled in the mud.

Saydametov signals a red flag.

Saydametov explains the driver, how to act, taken in its place.

Saydametov lever BMP. BMP budge.

Saydametov selected from BMP hatch.

Saydametov conducts classes for the driver.

Saydametov classes on marksmanship with the personnel of the platoon.

The battalion commander sets the task units (synchronously).

Military equipment starts extension to their original positions.

Soldiers emerge from feed hatches BMP.

Soldiers of the platoon Saydametova take positions.

Saydametov check the readiness of subordinates to fight.

BMP in an ambush.

Saydametov with binoculars in his hand.

The soldier's face.

Soldiers at the position watching the movement of the imaginary enemy.

Saydametov looking through binoculars, is preparing to give a command.

Those soldiers.

Rebuilding conventional enemy military equipment.

Saydametov a command to open fire.

Platoon firing of small arms and weapons of BMP. There is a training battle with pyrotechnic imitation.

Officer mediator overseeing the mock battle.

The soldiers are firing.

The tank fired on the move.

The officer intermediary delivers introductory.

Saydametov takes introduction.

Sergeant takes command of a platoon.

Soldier throwing smoke grenades.

Soldiers attacked imaginary enemy.

Mediator Saydametov and observe the actions of the platoon.

Tanks and infantry are on the attack.

Officers observed the exercises.

Flare in the air.

Soldiers removed the helmet.

Soldiers go to a field kitchen.

Soldiers have lunch in the field.

Saydametov reports to the commander of the regiment on the implementation of a platoon of combat missions.

The regimental commander Saydametova thanks for the performance of combat missions.

The regimental commander announces gratitude sergeant talks to him.

Military exercises and maneuvers

Reel №2

Unfurl the banner of the officers to take photos with him distinguished soldiers and sergeants.

Saydametov wrote a letter of thanks to parents Sergeant Burba (VO sounds text of the letter).

Sergeant Burba photographed next to the banner section.

Saydametov wrote a letter to parents of Sgt.

Saydametov invests photo sergeant Burba in the envelope.

The envelope with the address.

Type of houses of Riga.

Parents Sergeant Burba read the letter.

Mother wipes away tears.

My sister and parents Burba read the letter.

Mother and father Burba show photo son colleagues.

Saydametov conducting political with the personnel of the platoon.

Saydametov and his subordinates at the Eternal Flame.

The monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Those soldiers.

Saydametov and his staff during the tour.

Soldiers visiting the exhibits in one of the pavilions of the exhibition.

Soldiers Saydametova platoon during an excursion to the observatory.

Astrophysicists answers questions soldiers.

Soldiers take turns coming to the telescope and look into the eyepiece.

Saydametov visits her slave in the hospital.

Saydametov talking with one of the soldiers.

Saydametov talking with the soldier and his girlfriend.

Saydametov home with his wife to bathe the child.

The girl's face.

Saydametova wife wraps her daughter in a towel.

Saydametov House prepares for political studies.

Saydametov in the library of the military unit.

Saydametov on political studies, conducted with the ensigns.

People are on the streets of the city.

Wife Saydametova chooses a cake in a candy store.

Subordinates Saydametova decide what to give him for his birthday.

Sergeant Burba gives interviews (synchronously).

Soldier gives interviews (synchronously).

Soldiers wrote a letter on the radio asking to sing a song for their commander.

Guests sit at a table near Saydametovyh.

Wedding photos Saydametovyh.

Guests view photos.

Saydametovy the table.

The officer toast.

Guests drink standing (off-screen sounds song for Saydametova).

The singer sings a song Vardasheva O. in the radio studio (synchronously).

Guests listen to a song on the radio.

Those guests.

Guests listen to the song.

The soldiers go past the street loudspeaker systems from which song is playing.

Guests listen to a song, applaud.

Soldiers in barracks preparing for a release, talk to each other.

Officers at a party meeting voted for the adoption of Ensign Saydametova a candidate member of the CPSU.

Officers congratulate Saydametova.

All in the staff is on duty at the flag part.

Soldiers and officers pass by the flag and salute.

Saydametov salutes the flag.

Saydametova person.

Life and leisure